ELEMENTS is a mentorship programme developed and run by Halogen Foundation. ​ELEMENTS typically serves youth aged 17 to 25, we match these young people with mentors from established institutions, companies and our Halogen⁺ community, to embark on a learning journey through the power of mentoring conversations. Named to cover four key elements of a youth’s growth – Personal Discovery, Career Navigation, Skill Set Development, and Early Career Mastery – and contextualised to equip young people with a better understanding of themselves and their capabilities.

Seasons of transition present us with opportunities to better understand who we are — our emotions, personal values, strengths, motivations, and aspirations. An increased awareness of who we are often translates to higher levels of self-confidence and a sense of purpose.

Planning for the next chapter of life from student to workforce can often seem daunting: Should I pursue my passion? What constitutes a ‘good’ first job? Having a platform to bounce ideas with a mentor provides clarity and sets the tone for the kind of working adult we can become.

In order to effectively influence others, we must have a suite of skills at our disposal. Discover what are the in-demand soft and hard skills that employers look out for, and how we can start taking proactive steps to develop ourselves professionally and personally.

Starting a first job means finding ourselves in a new environment. Often, we struggle with productivity and managing our colleagues and bosses. Explore the best practices and learn how to integrate them into our workflows and communication, to engage in our work more productively and purposefully.


+  Preparatory Training

Explore what best practices and key paradigms lead to successful mentorships. These include the art of constructing great questions and the importance of bridging mental models.

+  Structured For Success

All Mentees will receive a Mentee Guide which serves as a conversation scaffold. It empowers Mentees to tap into their Mentor’s lived experiences and stories. Mentees can choose which of these curated conversations they want to explore with their Mentors.

+  Mentor Pool

Mentees will be connected with mentors from a wide range of industries for personal and professional development. Our partners include Deloitte, Oliver Wyman, Stripe, Booking.com, and the Halogen⁺ community.  

Ashley Isabel Sudjono
Methodist Girls’ School
Mentee, ELEMENTS 2021

During our 3rd session, my mentor and I had a discussion about my core values and how I should my values should guide me when choosing my profession in the future, as well as how I portray myself in my university applications and job interviews.


Attend programme events

The Mentee Preparatory Training, Kick-off, Mid-point Check-In, and Closing sessions are events that have been designed to equip Mentees for the six-month journey and introduce them to the wider network of our mentorship community. Hence, commitment is essential in order to gain the best experience of ELEMENTS.

Keep the conversation going

Mentees are encouraged to initiate meetings with their Mentors over six meetings as ELEMENTS is a six-month programme designed to be informal and flexible. Meetings can be held in a variety of settings including offices, over a meal, or even virtually online.

Plan to maximise

To maximise the mentorship experience, Mentees are encouraged to choose and prioritise the kind of conversations they would like to have and chart out their six-month mentorship journey with their Mentors.

Caitlin Bahari
Operations at Stripe
Mentor, ELEMENTS 2021

When we worked on navigating and understanding what her interests were, and how that converges with what she’s good at – it was a lightbulb moment because senior leaders have given me the same advice and I was glad to have passed on the advice to my mentee.



3. ELEMENTS Mentoring
July 2024 to January 2025

Element Focus:
• Personal Discovery
• Skill Set Development
Ideal for:
Tertiary students

Mentee Preparatory Training:
23 July 2024, 7:15PM – 8:45PM
Mentorship Launch:
29 July 2024, 7:15PM – 8:45PM

1. ELEMENTS Mentoring
December 2024 – June 2025

Element Focus:
• Personal Discovery
• Career Navigation
Ideal for:
Junior College Students

Mentee Preparatory Training:
27 November 2024, 7:15PM – 8:45PM
Mentorship Launch:
3 December 2024, 7:15PM – 8:45PM

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