BE AT THE FOREFRONT OF OUR IMPACT WITH YOUNG PEOPLE We are always looking for volunteers who would like to support our cause of building young leaders and entrepreneurs by giving their time. We offer high-impact and skills-based volunteering opportunities for motivated individuals and companies.


Mentor youth to provide advice and guidance. Support in shaping mentees into leaders, focusing on supporting the growth and development of the youth.

Volunteer your personal skills. Share your expertise and knowledge in areas such as impact measurement, editorial, marketing or fund raising to help further improve the organisation functions.
Impart valuable skills by leading workshops and training. Deliver interactive training content and facilitate active learning sessions.

Share inspiring stories to youth. Share about your life experiences and overcoming the odds to a group of youth audience. Help them feel inspired to make a personal change in their lives and within themselves.


Amaris I’m Amaris and I am an undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University! I believe that all of us are capable of sparking change in the life of a young person.

Growing up, I’ve seen my relatives struggle with the results of the choices made in their youth, one reason being due to the lack of support and guidance received. I have come to realise that young people are at a vulnerable point in their lives because they are discovering their identities and the choices they make have real consequences. To me, the future of young people is similar to the process of clay moulding. Without the guidance of an experienced potter, the clay would never reach its’ full potential.

I believe that volunteering with young people is a great chance to surprise yourself. More than just impacting the lives of young people, I’ve come to learn new things about myself and have changed for the better too.
Michelle I am Michelle, and I am a Community Affairs & Events Lead at UBS. I believe that young people have so much untapped potential.

I feel that it is so important to give young people a voice and that is why I use my skills gained at work to volunteer with young people. Oftentimes, I share with young people about my own story. I may be doing well at work now, but I had my fair share of struggles as a student. I share this story with young people to encourage them that sometimes challenging times can translate into opportunities for growth.

Young people are the future. They are worth the investment.
Jacob I’m Jacob, and I am a Director at Aon. Often times when I volunteer, I find myself not just imparting things, but receiving an exchange of ideas, concepts, and stories.

I am passionate about volunteering with young people because I had the fortune of meeting many teachers, mentors, and kind souls as I was growing up. I believe they have had a strong influence on who I am today. That is why I wish to give back in the same way to young people now. Everyone faces different challenges, have different aspirations, and learn in different ways. I try my best to understand each individual as a person first before sharing what may be relevant to them.

I believe we live in a world where young people can dream, and we can play a part in making their dreams come true!


Halogen+ Happenings

Equip yourself with practical handles on how to be a better facilitator as you impact the youth today.

Network with like-minded people coming from diverse backgrounds to share experiences and learnings to inspire others to give back.