We offer programmes with a strong track record to equip youth with mindsets and skillsets to prepare them for the future. We also seek to empower the community by providing consultation on leadership development strategies and Train-the-Trainer programmes offered to youth influencers.

This modular competency-driven programme is created based on transforming a youth from the inside out and is customisable to meet the specific needs of your institution.

Part of the internationally recognised Growing Leaders series, we bring timeless leadership principles through the power of an image, a conversation, and an experience.

Powered by the Birkman Method®, we provide a scientifically developed, in-depth assessment to predict behaviours and work satisfaction across situations.

Our in-house programme dedicated to building educator capacity through new insights and the best youth engagement practices.

Cultivating and liberating the leadership potential in anyone – at any level, in any organisation – through The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.

A funded programme designed to activate the entrepreneurial mindset in youth from underprivileged communities, empowering them towards successful futures.

A structured mentorship programme encouraging working adults to invest in the next generation and a legacy.

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How does the Halogen Cycle help you?

Halogen seeks to understand youth development goals to better partner you in designing, developing and delivering content that will be beneficial for both your students and educators.

As such, we have developed a comprehensive framework that integrates youth learning into your organisation in a clear and concerted effort.

The Halogen Cycle is a four stage planning process use to guide your organisation’s youth development framework design:

  1. Discover the context
    We begin by finding out more about the existing leadership/entrepreneurship development framework. This provides insight to how well the existing model is serving the school.
  2. Identify key gaps
    Every organisation has unique needs. The ability to accurately pinpoint developmental gaps will help in generating concise solutions with maximum impact. Here, we conduct a needs analysis to identify key gaps between expectations and applications.
  3. Implement action plan
    An action plan should have both strategic and pragmatic outcomes. We close the identified gaps through action plans ranging form building competencies to establishing a common language in your organisation. You will be able to maximise your time and budget while achieving your youth development outcomes.
  4. Assess the impact
    Assessment informs us if a plan or strategy is successful. Assessment data helps to generate a momentum of progress while keeping accountability for the impact that is currently happening.
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