Leadership is influence, we are all leaders in our own right.
We all possess the ability to positively impact and influence those around us, but how can we tap onto our potential to make a difference?

What is Everyday Leadership?

Everyday Leadership is our specialised In-House programme designed for easy understanding and application. We believe that Leadership is influence, not positions of power. Everyone can choose to be a positive influence to someone else. Through a modular and competency-driven approach, our goal is to help youths discover and harness their personal influence. The first step is to focus on their personal growth, followed by preparing them to lead others in groups and share responsibilities. Our Everyday Leadership programme seeks to equip students with the soft skills and mindsets necessary for them to become changemakers. By building competence in these skillsets, students develop the confidence to step into leadership roles to positive influence others.

Why Everyday Leadership?


Customisable programmes according to your school’s developmental needs


Builds transferable skillsets and mindsets to enable leaders to work across multiple contexts


Diverse range of modules to address different leadership stages


The modules are framed by an overarching B-K-D framework:


Individual learning and development


Understanding concepts and circumstances


Taking Action

Through this structure, students will gain skills and knowledge and be given opportunities to apply them in relevant contexts.


Our foundational leadership modules help students set personal values and learn to understand others. By providing a common understanding of leadership as influence, we construct a sturdy foundation from which students can grow as leaders from the inside out.


Our self-leadership modules serve as a foundation to help empower students to lead themselves well. Students will develop a better understanding of themselves and learn to exercise personal leadership through leading by example and exercising personal responsibilities and commitment.


Our group-leadership modules equip students with the competencies to lead others well. As both team players and team leaders, students will learn to tap into the different strengths and personalities in groups, rally others to work together to solve problems, and to communicate effectively.


Our advanced skills modules seek to further develop our students with various competencies to help them succeed in their respective platforms, whether they are facilitating discussions, managing events, planning a service learning project, or simply building their own teams.

All Programmes

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