Why Youth


With an increasing uncertainty about the future and the challenges it would bring, young people more than ever need to be invested in as we prepare them to take the helm of our country, our economy, and our society.

Through targeted youth development work, we provide all youth with equal opportunity, uplifting those from the fringes of society through proven character education programmes such as leadership development, activating an entrepreneurial mindset, and building robust mentorship training programmes and structures.

We are always looking for passionate people who want to impact the next generation, striving to build an enduring and dynamic culture where our young people are equipped to create a better future for themselves, their families, and for Singapore. If this is you, join us.



We believe every individual is of great worth and has a purpose to fulfil. Every person should be given the platform and opportunity to shine regardless of their background.


We have a part to play in the community and need to be accountable for our words and actions. Leadership is a privilege and not a right.


We commit to upholding honesty and good character in all that we do. Integrity is the hallmark of great character and great character is the hallmark of great leadership.


We seek to be giving and serving in the communities we are in, and empowering others to do the same. Leadership is not about being served but it is about serving.


These are the seven principles that define us, creating an environment that we love, and shaping how we operate as a company.
Life at Halogen
Leading by example
Nurturing Environment


We believe that authentic, yet constructive feedback is necessary for personal growth. Halogen’s open environment yearns for it, helping us forge strong relationships built on trust that our colleagues aren’t there to tear us down, but to build us up. This reminds us that we’re all on the same journey of growth, creating a sense of family and psychological safety that makes us more forthcoming with our shortcomings and the mistakes we make. We are human after all. Such a culture also can’t do without encouragement to voice one’s opinions even if those thoughts dissent from the majority. Who knows the wisdom we might miss?




Linda Salleh, Volunteer Manager
"What makes Halogen the community it is are the people and the culture of being true to ourselves. Having colleagues who exchange honest and constructive feedback helps in our growth and development as we work towards inspiring youths. I’m grateful for the colleagues whom I trust to be my sounding board and support system. I’m assured that any feedback given to me is sincerely given for my growth."



We take pride in the execution process, taking meaningful action steps towards moving our ideas forward with our participants in mind. After an idea is born, we do our utmost to ensure our programmes fit the needs of youths and their advocates. We iteratively test and refine our content, activities, and methods of delivery in order to optimise our participants’ experience and takeaways. We learn from the feedback that we get with every experience, and inject our lessons learnt into future programmes. As a youth organisation, we frequently push the envelope and gun for excellence.




Puden Tsang, Leadership Development Consultant
"Throughout the five years that I’ve been at Halogen, it’s always been amazing to see how ideas transform into action, and action into impact. I’ve had the opportunity to create greater impact through conducting leadership programmes and facilitating meaningful conversations for the youth that we serve, and through these experiences I’ve expanded my knowledge and skill set!"

Leading by example


Before we can lead others, we need to be clear on what we stand for and act in accordance with those principles - our 7 tenets. We strive to model the values and attitudes we espouse so that we may be a leading example for others to follow. We not only set an example for youths, but for our colleagues as well. Our values translate to all that we do. More often than not, the people around us take cue from how we act. Aware of our influence on each other, we use our desire to inspire youths to also set the tone for each other here at Halogen. In a bid to make an increasing impact, we also learn from each other everyday and never stop growing as an organisation.



Lydia Hong, Events Executive
"Working in events, there is a tendency for things to go wrong, and at one such event I made a mistake in planning which caused a hiccup in participant experience. My leaders stepped in, tackled the issue at hand and not the person, and solved the problem. I learned through their example of leading with confidence and empathy, and choose to do the same with people I work with today."



Ownership of our growth drives us to explore new horizons and proactively seek ways to overcome challenges. At Halogen, you are given the space to own and get creative with your projects. Entrusted to chalk our own journeys, we take initiative, challenge norms, innovate, and push our boundaries, making our work something we can be proud of. In wanting to make the best of each programme we lead, we become more open-minded and better accept our mistakes in order to learn from them. With the experience you gather, you become a better, more trustworthy team leader as well.



Lee Sze Zhin, Leadership Development Consultant
"In all my time at Halogen, I've been given many opportunities to initiate and take up an assortment of projects. This included a challenge to design a virtual ‘Amazing-Race’ programme on a novel platform. I was given autonomy to experiment, the opportunity to lead a small team to create the experience, and own the project entirely as I optimised the learning experience and outcomes."



Our common goal is to inspire and influence youths to lead themselves and others well through leadership and entrepreneurship development. The clarity of our mission and vision leads us to take dedicated action towards realising them. With all the experience and feedback from the myriad programmes we have organised, we can better mould our programmes to complement the individuals we engage. Hearing individuals attribute their success and positive changes in mindset to our work makes us feel acknowledged and motivates us to continuously serve the youth community.



Xena Goh, Training & Development Executive
"Everything we do, no matter how big or small, is intentionally talked about and aligned to where we want to be in 5, 10, or n-years. I am able to have open conversations about where we are going and what that means to me. Should I get caught up in the grind of doing, I am reminded to pause and recall our purpose, working towards growing this team from being a sampan, to a yacht, and into a ship! And we are just getting started."



We pursue excellence in our work and service, maintaining a work ethic that values each person’s different experiences, skill sets, and willingness to teach and learn from one another. Being professional doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! In the numerous hours we spend training, planning, and organising our events, we bond over the tumultuous, yet rewarding journeys of bringing our ideas to life. While we’re serious about what we do, there definitely is space for banter, and for you to be you.




Zann Lee, Communications Executive
"In all the projects that I have dabbled in during my years in Halogen, the one thing I appreciate the most about the team is when we come together with our own unique individual hands and strength to pull together a final masterpiece. This pursuit of excellence is what drives me to do what I do everyday, and you know what they say – hard work pays off."

Nurturing Environment

We seek to always reinvent ourselves, constantly learning, unlearning and relearning as we nurture ourselves to become better individuals in our own right. Through the cycle of planning, execution, and feedback (similar to Design Thinking frameworks), we are shaped into improved versions of ourselves with every experience. Here, failure is a mode of learning. We support each other in our journeys of growth, and with every misstep, we are there to catch you when you fall. With this confidence, we pick ourselves up, keep our chins high, and strive to always put our best foot forward.



Mansha Vasnani, Finance Manager
"After just joining Halogen and trying to keep pace with the changing environment, there were numerous times I wasn't able to meet my expectations - let alone the organisation’s. However, I was constantly encouraged by the management and team as they looked past my mistakes and focused on how I could grow. Today, I have the confidence to explore how I can further add to the team."



Be at the frontline of our impact making work, delivering quality character education programmes directly to young people and youth enablers alike.


Be the voice and aesthetic representation of Halogen, reaching youth and stakeholders through social media, brand equity, and visual identity.


Lead our impact measurement and data analysis work, ensuring that we collect and publish research-backed reports that help further youth development as a whole.


Organise and execute top-quality events surrounding youth enablement, leadership, and fundraising – with the goal of accelerating youth engagement for a better tomorrow.


Control and consult for all of Halogen’s financial matters, from advising on budgets and expenditure to synchonising departments for donations and billing.


Lead the activities that aim to build and take care of the most valuable and important part of the organisation: Our people. 


Lead the engagement and activities for all fundraising matters, ensuring that Halogen can continue serving youth with the support of our donors and friends.


We are always on the lookout for likeminded individuals who want to join us in the work we do here.
Having seen almost 20 years of impact, we believe now more than ever in the act of empowering youths to practically change the world. With fresh initiatives and evolving platforms, our team is excited about the potential ahead for strategic growth as we continue to build young leaders and entrepreneurs.

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