As the driving force behind our programmes and initiatives, Halogen+ is the tribe that actuates the mission of Halogen Foundation. It is a nexus where like-minded individuals like yourself, who have a passion to influence others positively, can converge, share ideas, and serve the youth directly.

We cannot do what we do without the people who support us, in  various roles from volunteering as facilitators to fundraising; mentoring youth to co-creating youth development programmes. In 2018, Halogen+ engaged over 800 adult volunteers as mentors for youth under our entrepreneurship programme, and we invite more people to get involved as contributors.

It is not enough that we continue serving the youth that have been impacted by the good work, but also that we continuously reach out to those who might not have heard of us. This is where the power of advocacy and catalysing our impact comes in. Since beginning of 2018, the Halogen+ community has been sharing their volunteering stories to create a greater awareness for the cause.

Our investment is not only in the youth we reach through educators, parents, and institutions, but also in the youth we engage as contributors and catalysts. We believe in building a network of like-minded people coming from diverse backgrounds for a common goal of influencing and inspiring the next generation. This is done through our Halogen Huddle events, sharing experiences and meeting new friends.

Halogen+ Happenings

Equip yourself with practical handles on how to be a better facilitator as you impact the youth today.

Network with like-minded people coming from diverse backgrounds to share experiences and learnings to inspire others to give back.