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It all began in 2003, when two young people realised the value of stories that inspire. Just like halogens-a group of extremely reactive elements-a youth’s influence is something that should be stewarded well. Through curated programmes, they set out on a journey to help transform youth into good people and great leaders who would in turn impact their own communities in a deep and meaningful way.

inspiring young people to create change

Our goal is to help youth develop positive belief systems and values so that they can take action in their circles of influence. As an end-to-end development hub, we provide young people from all walks equal accessibility to programmes and initiatives that can help them build these foundational skills.


Realising a world made better by future-ready young people, who step up and catalyse change in their communities.


To build character, mindsets, and skill sets that will inspire young people to lead themselves, lead others, and lead change.

lead self
lead others
lead change

Today, Halogen has grown from two founder-volunteers to an established organisation with an ecosystem of support, and has an outstanding track record of over 210,000 youth impacted over the last two decades. We hope to continue working towards greater social mobility and more opportunities for youth in our nation and beyond in the years to come.



We believe every individual is of great worth and has a purpose to fulfil. Every person should be given the platform and opportunity to shine regardless of their background.


We have a part to play in the community and need to be accountable for our words and actions. Leadership is a privilege and not a right.


We commit to upholding honesty and good character in all that we do. Integrity is the hallmark of great character and great character is the hallmark of great leadership.


We seek to be giving and serving in the communities we are in, and empowering others to do the same. Leadership is not about being served but it is about serving.


This generation will soon be the largest demographic in the world, with predictions that they will account for 40% of the global population by the year 2028. There is a pressing need to invest in our young people to prepare them to take the helm of our economy, country, and world. At the same time, we are aware of the anxieties that come with challenges that the future may bring.

We tackle this by providing all youth with equal opportunity, uplifting those from the fringes of society through our proven leadership and entrepreneurship programmes. Our work seeks to establish a strong foundation upon which youth can grow to be competent, of good character, have positive mindsets and skillsets.


The sustainable change we hope to create happens from the inside out. A person’s belief system will largely affect their values, behaviours and actions. We aspire to build the right beliefs in young people with regards to their sense of self-identity, their self-esteem and their potential. At the end of the day, we want our youth to be assured and be able to say of himself/herself “I am, I matter and I can”.

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