Every person is faced with unique obstacles and possibilities throughout his or her life. What makes someone a leader is how they manage them and leverage those experiences to positively influence others. The Habitudes®  curriculum makes this process of learning how to manage and leverage those experiences simple. Each aspect of our leadership training curriculum helps students develop vital leadership habits.

How it works

A composite word comprising of both the terms ‘Habits’ and ‘Attitudes’, Habitudes® is a fun, creative and engaging way for young people to learn and practise leadership. The Habitudes® leadership curriculum, including our series of Habitudes® books, uses image-based learning to help instil important leadership habits in young people.

Sample of Habitudes® Image
Image Thirteen, Drivers and Passengers
Habitudes® Book I: The Art of Leading Self

Each image introduces youth to powerful leadership habits and principles rooted in real life, sparking conversations with facilitators that lead to memorable experiences. These unique and transformative encounters are a part of an ongoing process that builds leadership habits and attitudes.


The Art of Leading Yourself

  • Build strong character based on integrity and emotional security
  • Develop habits of self-discipline and initiative to achieve their goals
  • Choose their own set of core values for making wise decisions in life.

The Art of Connecting with Others

  • Handle criticism and use feedback for personal improvement
  • Initiate healthy relationships with those around them
  • Build up other people to help them achieve their full potential

The Art of Life-Giving Leadership

  • Become a better model of healthy leadership by increasing self-awareness
  • Channel people, time, and money toward one focused vision
  • Increase focus and productivity by learning when to say “No”

The Art of Changing Culture

  • Mentor and equip younger leaders to reach new heights
  • Turn core values into actions that inspire peers to follow
  • Create a contagious movement by mobilizing the right people

The Art of Navigating Transitions

  • Master the transitions from school to college and college to career.
  • Create language to talk about real life issues in a safe and authentic way.
  • Make wise decisions that keep them in school and out of trouble.

The Art of Engaging Communication

  • Captivate even young audiences with your message
  • Engage people at the heart level and foster life-change
  • Craft the stages of a message which will prepare listeners to act

The Art of Preparing for a Career

  • Persevere when faced with a problem they must solve
  • Identify and harness the unique creativities they possess
  • Work effectively on a team with diverse personalities

Art of Launching Your Career

  • Take initiative and set the pace for other teammates
  • Stay creative, even when a supervisor doesn’t embrace their ideas
  • Overcome a sense of entitlement towards tasks that seem “beneath them”

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