Our Theory of Change

Why is Impact Measurement Important?

Our aspiration to develop a generation of young people begins with transforming them one at a time. For this to happen at both the individual and systemic level, it requires a means to measure and track the impact made.

We are committed to impact measurement through:

  • Curating measurement metrics for a robust framework
  • Tracking development and growth through a youth’s journey
  • Gaining insight into the success stories we have catalysed
  • Reiterating on what is necessary for youth development in an ever-evolving landscape

Impact Stories


At Halogen, we recognise that success is founded on developing sustainable collaborations with like-minded partners. Just as we are all interdependent in an ecosystem, we believe in connecting partners across different sectors together for a common goal, providing all-rounded support to youth from poor and needy families.

By being a catalyst in bringing the people, private and public sector together, we hope various partners can contribute to the youth development goals in their respective areas of expertise and bring incremental value to the programme support offered to the youth. Our success is only made possible because of the collective investment from the members of this ecosystem.