Applications end on Saturday, 16 March 2024.

About National Young Leaders Fellowship

The National Young Leaders Fellowship (NYLF) recognises and develops outstanding youths aged 15 to 19 years old who are passionate and show conviction in the things they do, regardless of their academic achievements.

30 Fellows are selected annually from across the nation to embark on a nine-month Fellowship programme where we provide young leaders with resources, networks, and practical leadership tips to broaden their perspectives and horizons. Young leaders who are enrolled into NYLF come from diverse backgrounds, different education institutes, and maybe on different paths in life but they are united by one common thread – to effectively lead themselves and others well.

Why be part of the Fellowship?

Halogen (Singapore) journeys closely with Fellows to further develop their character, mindset, and skillset. The fellowship enables youths to:


Connect with established leaders, speakers, and other like-minded young leaders to broaden leadership perspectives


Discover strengths and learn how to develop leadership skills to effectively mobilise others


Spark ideas that create impact with the support from Halogen Foundation to positively influence other societies in Singapore

It’s an excellent programme to challenge and rethink your assumptions and perspective as well as meet new incredibly diverse people with so many stories to learn from and understand.

– Arshul Garg

The kind of access and opportunities you get from the fellowship is something you can’t get elsewhere at this age.

– Samiha Hossain

The fellowship has allowed me to be in my element, learn from those around me, and create meaningful friendships that will last.

– Alaric Tok

What inspired me the most were my interactions with the other fellows – learning about their passions, and aspirations and even just observing the way they conduct themselves. The opportunity to meet and interact with the fellows is my favourite part of the programme.

– Nicole Teo

What to expect in the Fellowship

Over the course of nine months, Fellows will meet national leaders and take part in experiential learning journeys and roundtable discussions, while developing practical skills that will help take their leadership to the next level.


The Induction Programme is a five-day in-person conference that accelerates leadership growth and builds meaningful connections.

Find out more about the 2023 Induction Programme


Great ideas for projects that make a positive impact on society are incubated and accelerated with our support, network, and resources.


Fellows are paired with mentors who have been carefully and intentionally selected for a good match to develop leadership perspectives, challenge limiting mindsets, and share valuable life lessons.


Regular closed-door discussions with established leaders and peers on pertinent social issues, current affairs, and passion projects.

Be a part of a diverse group of young leaders who are passionate about making a difference! The Fellowship can help with personal development and create a sense of community where like-minded individuals are able to gather and grow together.