National Young Leaders Fellowship (NYLF) commits to the development of these young leaders through:

  • Opening up our resource and network to broaden leadership perspectives and horizons
  • Pairing youths with mentors to help them achieve their next steps in the journey of making a difference
  • Providing a support network for youths as they pursue their cause of interest

Youths inducted into NYLF come from diverse backgrounds, different education institutes, and pursue varied paths in life – but they are united by a common thread of making a positive influence in their community and the world through learning, leading, and helping each other succeed.

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The Induction Programme is a five-day in-person conference that kickstarts the Fellowship journey through plenary sessions, experiential leadership learning, practical skills training, and – most importantly – the building of meaningful connections and a network of like-minded young leaders.

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Halogen Foundation journeys closely with Fellows to further develop their character, mindset, and skillset.
The fellowship enables them to:


Connect with established leaders, speakers, and other like-minded young leaders to broaden your leadership perspectives and horizons


Discover your strengths and learn how to improve your leadership skills to effectively mobilise others


Spark ideas that create impact with the support from Halogen Foundation to positively influence other societies in Singapore

National Young Leaders Fellowship 2023
Geylang Adventures, National Young Leaders Fellowship 2023