The Induction Programme is a five-day in-person conference that kickstarts the Fellowship journey through plenary sessions, experiential leadership learning, practical skills training, and – most importantly – the building of meaningful connections and a network of like-minded young leaders.

At the Induction Programme, leaders get to:

  • Discover and understand their unique strengths and how to leverage them to create an outsized impact
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and build a strong and unified support network
  • Re-learn perspectives through experiencing and understanding the hidden needs and societal issues of Singapore
  • Fortify personal convictions and goals through insightful discussions and reflections

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Listen to established and luminary leaders as they share their perspectives on key issues facing Singapore and the world today, from insights into policy making to wicked problems like climate change.

Leading Young:
Beyond Limitations and Expectations


What does it mean to start a youth-led organisation or social change initiative before graduating? While it is not uncommon for youths to ask themselves, “What impact can I make at this age?”, many young leaders have shown that the sky is not the limit when it comes to making a difference. Hear from our youth panel about how they had successfully turned their passion for impact into real-world change, and gain practical insights into how they balance their studies, a social life, and their undying passion for a cause, all while learning to lead and empower a team of diverse individuals.

Speaker Line-Up:

1. Cassandra Yip | Founder & Chief Executive Director, Earth School Singapore
2. Gabriel Tan |
Founder, Bamboo Builders
3. Calissa Man | Vice Curator, Global Shapers Community


Cho Ming Xu | Founder & Executive Director, Campus Psy

Leading Through Serving: Meeting the Needs of Marginalised Communities


The heart of a leader demands that they serve, but how can a leader do so without understanding the hopes, needs, and wants of the people they exist to serve? We may often find ourselves trying to balance between caring for others and caring for ourselves, but when that selflessness becomes a burden, how can a leader still maintain a sense of well-being? Hear from our established leaders as they discuss their personal motivations for serving the community and their advice on how young leaders can prevent burnout while committing to the hard work of social service.

Speaker Line-Up:

1. Saleemah Ismail | Founder & Executive Director, New Life Stories
2. Sim Kah Yong | Blind Guide, Dialogue in the Dark Singapore
3. Faraliza Zainal | Founder, MIJ Hub


Savithaa Markandu | Youth Worker, Boy’s Town

Leading from Idea to Impact: Scaling Up Social Impact while Managing Resources


What does it mean to be successful changemakers who have leveraged funding, time, and other resources to achieve remarkable results. Ever thought about how to effectively manage limited resources to grow your initiatives and make a bigger impact? Hear from an experienced panel of leaders who manage funded initiatives and fund managers on their best practices for managing funding and resources to maximize impact. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to take your social impact projects to the next level.

Speaker Line-Up:

1. Daniel Teh | Head of Food Services, New Hope Community Services
2. Hasliza Admad | Director (Youth Engagement), National Youth Council
3. Darrell Ong | Manager (Philanthropy), The Majurity Trust


Nadia Samdin | Senior Project Lead/Counsel, Tri-Sector Associates

Leading Policy Change


Leadership occurs in many stages and levels, and effective leaders are able to traverse different settings and environments to make an impact. What goes behind the scenes and in discussions when top-down decisions need to be made? How do they trickle down to the people, and where do ground-up movements and initiatives come in? Singapore has enjoyed having an excellent civil service that is forward-thinking and serves residents to the best of their ability – so how best would young leaders complement this? Hear from policy professionals on their deep considerations towards the nuances and trade-offs that go behind making nationwide impact.

Speaker Line-Up:

1. Terence Ho | Associate Professor in Practice, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
2. Elaine Koh | Deputy Director, Ministry of Finance, Fiscal Policy Directorate
3. Kuhan Harichandra | Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Digitalisation Office


Cheryl Chung | Head of Singapore, Kantar Public


Take part in learning journeys and immersive leadership experiences that give you a different view on our country and the gaps that leaders of the future would need to cover.


A fundamental pillar of self-development is self-discovery. Through such workshops, youths can uncover their potential, refine their goals and unravel what matters to them most.

With these workshops, young people can gain a better understanding of themselves, their values, and their actions. As Highly self-aware and Highly situation aware leaders, youths can now identify their talents and outline a plan to develop strategies that will help them lead individuals of various personalities and leverage their impact when spearheading projects and championing social causes.


The out of the classroom experience that allows the youths to look at leadership at a larger scale. Youths get to catch a glimpse into how leaders cast their vision so that everyone is enabled to be part of the team whilst trying to reach their common goal. Such exposure to real leaders and companies will help them to expand their personal views on leadership and allow them to identify goals or refine their leadership approach.


By participating in 1:1 sharings, youths can get to know other Fellows on a deeper level than when in large groups. Through these sharings, they are able to get to know each other’s convictions, and passions, and identify those who share their beliefs and values. There are no set topics for these sessions, so participants can choose what they want to talk about, be it – their projects, what motivates them, what keeps them up at night, or what they envision for the future. Meeting other Fellows one-to-one allows them to widen their circle of friends and create bonds with others who are on the same journey as them.


Serve the community first-hand together with your fellow young leaders, taking cues from practitioners and following their leadership in service towards others. 


Speak to a nation leader who can share insights about what it takes to lead Singapore and the necessary conversations and discussions that must take place for the good of our people and our country.

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The Induction Programme is part of the National Young Leaders Fellowship.