#JustOneThing is a fundraising campaign that empowers our partners to plan creative fundraising activities as a Halogen Enabler.

#JustOneThing can take the form of a project, product, mini-event, a giving appeal etc, and can be tailored towards our Enablers’ expertise or interest. In these very different times of Covid-19, we hope #JustOneThing also allows our Enablers to exercise innovation and creativity in fundraising while enlisting your communities to contribute towards the cause of youth development.


Support Youth

Your contributions go towards funding free leadership, entrepreneurship and mentorship programmes for youth from underserved youth communities who cannot afford the programmes.

Engage in Innovative Giving Projects

We will work with you in designing your own #JustOneThing initiative that is suited to your organisation or business. Paying it forward can be creative and special too!

Be A Halogen Enabler

As our #JustOneThing partner, you’ll also be recognised as a Halogen Enabler. We invite you to be part of our community and also join us in our volunteer and engagement opportunities!

Discover #JustOneThing projects:

Halogen Enabler: A Magazine

Paying It Forward
A Magazine comes on board as our first official Halogen Enabler partner in doing #JustOneThing for youth through three very special initiatives!

Getting To Happy Logo
Halogen Enabler: Getting to Happy

In this #JustOneThing collaboration, Getting to Happy™ supports and champions the cause of more nurturing, more mindful, and happier youth.

Halogen Enabler: Bynd Artisan

Bynd Artisan works with 12 individuals from various walks to bring you their very own designed Bynd Signature Notebook themed, A New Chapter.

Halogen Enabler: mtm labo

mtm labo x Little Social invites you to join a specially curated Mid-Autumn Festival themed charity dinner in support of the cause of investing in young people.

Halogen Enabler: motherswork

Sharon Wong, Founder and CEO of motherswork, is pledging the proceeds of her first book, Wo(Mum) – Living My Life as a Warrior, towards funding Halogen’s entrepreneurship programmes.

Halogen Enabler: 8M Real Estate

The 8M community and tenant partners have donated 30 amazing prizes, worth over $4,000, that can be won by buying a few (or many) raffle tickets – all proceeds will be donated to support Halogen’s entrepreneurship and mentorship programmes in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own a business or a brand to participate in #JustOneThing?


No, you do not. You can also champion a #JustOneThing project as an individual. We welcome you to also join us in doing your part for the cause of youth!


I am interested to run a #JustOneThing project, are there requirements for the project to happen?


If you have a #JustOneThing project idea, kindly write in to [email protected] idea so that we can work with you on the details, and to also officially acknowledge you as an Enabler on this page. We will be recognising Halogen Enablers only for projects listed on this campaign page hosted by us.


When should my #JustOneThing projects happen if I would like to take it up?


#JustOneThing projects should be completed before 31 Dec 2021, so that we can also consolidate the funds raised from these projects to process the relevant tax deductions for 2021.


Will I be getting tax deductions for the funds raised from my #JustOneThing initiatives?


Before we officiate our acknowledgement of you as our Halogen Enabler, we will ascertain that funds raised from your #JustOneThing initiative mechanics comply with IRAS guidelines. Halogen Foundation Singapore is a registered charity with Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status, donations are eligible for a 2.5 times tax deduction.