#JustOneThing is a fundraising campaign that empowers our partners to plan creative fundraising activities as a Halogen Enabler.

#JustOneThing can take the form of a project, product, mini-event, a giving appeal etc, and can be tailored towards our Enablers’ expertise or interest. In these very different times of Covid-19, we hope #JustOneThing also allows our Enablers to exercise innovation and creativity in fundraising while enlisting your communities to contribute towards the cause of youth development.

Sharon Wong, motherswork’s #JustOneThing
Book Launch: Wo(Mum) – Living My Life as a Warrior, Woman & Mum
  • Join the Book Launch event to catch Sharon live!
  • Purchase your copy of Sharon Wong’s first book Wo(Mum) – Living My Life as a Warrior, Woman and Mum. Book Sales of softcover copies from launch till 31 March 2022 will go towards funding Halogen’s entrepreneurship programmes
  • Have the opportunity to engage Sharon in Wo(Mum) circles.

About Sharon Wong, motherswork
Sharon Wong is the founder and CEO of motherswork, a premium retailer of mother, baby and kids products in Singapore and China. Motherswork was created to partner mothers as they journey through parenthood, curating not only products but also information and resources under one roof that supports different stages of parenthood.

I want to be that woman who is there for other women. I want to be that woman who recognises the needs of other women, and provides a platform to lift them up, so we can all soar higher together – whether their journey is into motherhood or entrepreneurship.

– Sharon Wong, Founder and CEO, motherswork

In support of Halogen’s cause of youth development, particularly in the area of developing entrepreneurial and growth mindsets in the younger generation, Sharon is pledging the proceeds of her book sale towards Halogen’s cause. 

Sharon Wong, the founder and CEO of motherswork, has published her first book on her entrepreneurial journey in “Wo(Mum) – Living My Life as a Warrior, Woman & Mum”. Sharing her stories from creating and running a retail brand that emerged from her own passion and desire for making the parenthood process easier for all, Sharon documents her reflections and journey in juggling the many hats of being a businesswoman, a woman and mother.

Stay tuned also for the opportunities for your up close and personal encounter with Sharon through the launch of WOMUM. Join our planned Wo(Mum) circles and activities to build your own Wo(Mum) community!