#JustOneThing is a fundraising campaign that empowers our partners to plan creative fundraising activities as a Halogen Enabler.

#JustOneThing can take the form of a project, product, mini-event, a giving appeal etc, and can be tailored towards our Enablers’ expertise or interest. In these very different times of Covid-19, we hope #JustOneThing also allows our Enablers to exercise innovation and creativity in fundraising while enlisting your communities to contribute towards the cause of youth development.

Bynd Artisan’s #JustOneThing
A New Chapter
  • 12 influencers, 12 notebook designs under the theme of ‘A New Chapter’ in a limited quantity of 30 copies each only.
  • Be inspired by the chosen quote and their stories behind it as we march onto 2022!
  • By donating towards one of the 12 designs, you will get a copy of your chosen design in support of a charity.

About Bynd Artisan
As an experiential retail atelier, Bynd Artisan collaborates with artistic talents, personalises paper and leather accessories and runs curated craft workshops for you and I to bring an artisanal touch into our daily lives.

In this #JustOneThing project, Bynd Artisan works with 12 individuals from various walks to bring you their very own designed Bynd Signature Notebook themed, A New Chapter.

As you wind down for 2021 to pave the way for a new year, this #JustOnething project makes a great addition to your own self-leadership practice. 

There are only 30 pieces for each exclusively designed notebook, accompanied with a book card that illustrates the story behind the chosen theme and sets you into your reflections for the new year ahead. This makes a great gift for your friends, you can also sponsor a book to pay it forward to a youth graduate from our NFTE programme!

Books will be limited!
With 12 options available and 30 copies per book – sold at $50 per book.
All proceeds go towards Halogen Foundation.