This lesson package is a part of our COVID-19 Educational Resource Series.

Image Source: Masagos Zulkifli (Facebook)

A week into Circuit Breaker, the novelty of working from home and home-based learning are wearing off for many. What used to be fun and interesting – playing with technology, sleeping in, experimenting in the kitchen and having ample time for dramas and games, now seem boring and repetitive.

The circuit breaker measures bring along multiple challenges, one of which are the challenges of staying in isolation. Without physical gatherings among friends and family, what changes does it bring to our personal, social and home lives? While we are physically isolated, how can we keep ourselves socially connected?


  • Understand the rationale for social distancing and the elevated measures as the day passes
  • Explore the impact and challenges of isolation
  • Look for opportunities to reconnect meaningfully with family and friends, connecting and looking out for one another despite the physical distancing
Lesson package includes:

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