From having little to no idea about what starting a business entails, our students crafted a business plan with the help of our volunteers and facilitators and were shortlisted as the top three students with the most impressive business plans in their schools. After going through a 3-Day BootCamp and a series of Quarter & Semi Final competitions, the top six Grand Finalists emerge from a total of 45 finalists nationwide. They will pitch their business plans to a panel of esteemed judges hailing from various professional fields at our annual NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (NYEC).

This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the final competition and award ceremony will be livestreamed for online viewing.



The 60-hour NFTE programme culminates in NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (NYEC) where the top 3 students from each NFTE school will be pitching their bausiness ideas to a panel of esteemed judges from various industries. NYEC consists of three main components: NYEC Level Up, NYEC Finals, and NYEC Grand Finale.


NYEC Level Up is a 3-day intensive where the top 3 students of each NFTE school work with business mentors on their business plans, prototypes and pitches.

Business Clinic
Undergo coaching to refine your current business plans

Prototype Masterclasses
Build prototypes of product for final presentation

Presentation Coaching
Practise presentation skills with corporate volunteers


NYEC Finals consists of Quarter and Semi-Final Competitions where the finalists present their business ideas to a panel of judges from different industries.

At this stage, six finalists will emerge and advance to the Grand Finale.


NYEC Grand Finale is the celebration of every participant’s journey through NYEC. All NYEC participants will be showcasing their business pitches in a Virtual Showcase over Instagram where the audience is able to vote for the ‘Most Investible Idea’. The top 6 finalists will then be invited to pitch before a panel of distinguished judges. The winner of NYEC Grand Finale will represent Singapore as our Global Young Entrepreneur at the World Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.


Global Youth Entrepreneur 2020
St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School


Each year, NFTE runs The Global Showcase to recognise young people from across the globe who demonstrate excellence in learning and dedication to their entrepreneurial pursuits, inviting one young entrepreneur from each programme office and partner around the world to join them at the annual Global Showcase. In addition to funding their participation to the Global Showcase, Halogen Foundation honours the winner of NYEC as the Global Young Entrepreneur for the year, awarding them with a small grant to be used toward their business expansion or to further their educational goals.

Global Enterprising Educator 2020
Unity Secondary School


Halogen Foundation recognises our educators’ dedication to their profession. These educators help our students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and to reach beyond themselves to become the business leaders of tomorrow. Every year, NFTE extends the invite to the Global Showcase to one educator from each programme office and partner programmes around the world. Halogen Foundation honours the most dedicated educator by funding their participation at the Global Showcase at New York City, to receive an award and be honoured in the company of fellow winners.


Winnie Chan (1)

Winnie Chan
CEO & Founder,
Bynd Artisan

Raye Padit
CEO & Founder,
The Fashion Pulpit

Veronika Kuznetsova
Director of Innovation & Strategy,


Dane Hudson
Founder and CEO, Impactful Leadership Consulting

Divya Patel
Chief Operating Officer, Ishk Tolaram Foundation

Holly Hart
Senior Associate, Allen & Overy LLP

Huda Hamid
Founder, Fempreneur Secrets

Kingley Lim
Head of Talent Acquisition Diversity, Equity & Inclusion DEI Lead HRBP, ACD Singapore, L’Oreal

Kooh Wee Hou
Head of Commercial (Singapore), NinjaVan

Lee Wong
Managing Director, Head of Family Services for Asia, Lombard Odier

Megan Tan
Executive Director, Schroders

Mohamed Irshad
Head of Corporate Affairs (ASEAN), Tata Consultancy Solutions

Nani Abdul Rahman
Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

Phua Boon Huat

Phua Boon Huat
Director and Chief Investment Officer, Pacific Capital Asset Management Pte Ltd

Viola Chee
Managing Director, Finance, 8M Real Estate

We impacted a total of 553 students in 2021!

Thank you to all our judges, mentors, volunteers, educators, students, facilitators, and everyone who has been a part of NFTE 2021.










Halogen Foundation Singapore would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all who showed their support.

Corporate Partners
NFTE Graduate Mentorship Programme
Funding Partners
2021 Apparel Sponsor
Top 10 NFTE Corporate Volunteers of 2021

Aloysius Yuen Kai Jing
Camy Tan
Doreen Abeysundra
Gagan D.K. Rastogi
John McKendry

Meenakshi Chhabra
Nelson Puah

Penalosa Darrel James
Ratna Devi d/o Vasudevan Pillai
Yuko Tan

Unquestionably, coaching the NFTE students was a revelational journey – one which brought not just joy, but great meaning unto my life. Seeing how the young ones prospered in their growth and pushed their limits in bringing imagination to reality was utterly inspirational. More than anything else, I was encouraged as a coach myself to see them putting their best foot forward. In fact… I was surprised to find myself trusting in their ideas more than my own many a times! My biggest takeaway from this volunteer journey could only be the sense of fulfilment in knowing that I was able to develop these students to their greatest potential, beyond their own estimation of abilities. Nothing beats making a lifelong impact that lasts, and I’ll give anything to do it again.

– Yuko Tan, Regional Sales Manager, Rise Asia Digital Services

Chua Xin Yan, Chloe
Anderson Secondary School

“The NFTE programme taught me how to brainstorm and how I could bring my creative ideas to life.”

Business Idea: Coconutable

About Coconutable

I’m sure many of us have fallen asleep in class before and experienced the embarrassment of having our teacher wake us up in front of our peers. Chloe noticed this problem and took the opportunity to create ‘Coconutable’, a vibrating table that is designed to keep students from dozing off. With this product, Chloe hopes to be able to help students stay awake and stay alert during important lectures.

Shafanah Nusrath D/O Jagabar
Anderson Secondary School

“The NFTE programme showed me that presentations don’t necessarily have to be boring, it can be interesting and fun.”

Business Idea: Fanah Bakes

About Fanah Bakes

In order to have a delicious recipe, you need to have the best ingredients. Driven by her passion to help and care for patients at the hospital, Fanah intends to set up her own business called ‘Fanah Bakes’, a baking shop that offers healthier food options with quality ingredients to cater to patients with health conditions. She wishes that her pastries and cupcakes will help to bring joy to patients in the hospital.

Kevin Tan Jian Zhong
Anderson Secondary School

“I’ve always been passionate about business and through NFTE, I gained more knowledge in the business world.”

Business Idea: Indonesian Corner

About Indonesian Corner

In Singapore, we definitely love our food — the heart of mixed cultures, from chicken rice to beef rendang. Kevin intends to open his own restaurant ‘Indonesian Corner’, a fusion restaurant that satisfies every palate. With his passion to combine the Singaporean and Indonesian cuisine, he hopes to share his love for fusion food to everyone.

Angel Binte Masuvi
Bukit Batok Secondary School

“I’ve always been interested in business, and hope to improve my skills so that I can eventually start my own business.”

Business Idea: Bake In The Box

About Bake In The Box

With the Covid-19 pandemic encouraging people to stay indoors, many have tried to take advantage of the free time they had to explore new interests and activities. Like many others, Angel turned to baking during her June holidays. This newfound hobby inspired her to come up with her own business idea ‘Bake In The Box’. Unlike ordinary baking kits, ‘Bake In The Box’ is eco-friendly and helps to reduce food and plastic wastage.

Phone Min Khant
 Bukit Batok Secondary School

“I’ve always had a passion for coding. Through NFTE, I hope that I will learn how to be more resilient and apply that attitude to all areas of my life.”

Business Idea: Grabpanda

About Grabpanda

In this world of rapid evolution, it’s no surprise that even our eating habits are changing dramatically. With the rising demand for food convenience, Min Khant hopes to create his own ‘Grabpanda’ a service that helps restaurants or fast food chains cook and deliver their food to customers. With the pandemic causing many businesses to shut down, he hopes that his service can help small companies save costs as much as possible.

Saranya D/o Bala Murugan
 Bukit Batok Secondary School

“NFTE taught us to be forward-looking, to always look ahead and to plan strategically for our future.”

Business Idea: Neko To Inu

About Neko To Inu

Nothing beats the joy of returning home to a fur friend. Pets are not just companions but they also aid us during times of stress, anxiety and more. However, with the benefits of pet ownership comes responsibilities too. Through Saranya’s experience of taking care of 3 cats, she often found it challenging as her furniture would always be left torn and damaged. This gave Saranya the idea of creating ‘Neko To Inu’ to educate people on how to care for the different types of pets.

Peh Jun Kai
 Edgefield Secondary School

“I currently have no knowledge in the business field but hope to learn more about it after graduating.”

Business Idea: Catchcam

About Catchcam

We live in a digital world where the privacy we own is constantly at risk. Hackers can easily spy on others through home security cameras, hotel cameras or even through a laptop webcam. Hence, Jun Kai thought to create ‘Catchcam’, a device meant to find hidden cameras that were sneakily installed in rooms. Through ‘Catchcam’, he aims to help people earn back their privacy and security.

Babac Mary Joy Jadoc
Edgefield Secondary School

“I have a great interest in biology and would love to pick up nursing after graduating.”

Business Idea: Higher

About Higher 

While shopping for shoes it is essential to look for comfort and durability more than just style, and finding the best-fitted shoe isn’t always that easy. After experiencing struggles with finding the right shoes, Babac was inspired to start her own business ‘Higher’ to sell affordable, durable and customisable shoes. She hopes that her wide collection of shoes can offer everyone the right fit, style, and comfort.

Hong Yan Ping Stefanie
 Edgefield Secondary School

“I am interested in marketing and I hope to eventually get a job as a marketer.”

Business Idea: CraftNSell

About CraftNSell

An unprecedented job loss would mean a loss of steady income, and this would heavily affect a person’s livelihood. Stefanie hopes to create a business solution to help those who are unemployed to make some side income. Hence with ‘CraftNSell’, users are able to put their pre-loved items up for sale and earn money on the side.

Aziera Amelda Binte Muhamed Azhar
Evergreen Secondary School

“My aunt has always been my inspiration. With her encouragement, I hope that I’m able to get into a nursing course after graduating.”

Business Idea: Superpasta

About Superpasta

In Singapore, food is considered one of our national identity. As Singaporeans, we’re all foodies at heart and love to explore different types of cuisines. This inspired Aziera to set up ‘Superpasta’, a restaurant that sells a wide array of food options and flavors that will make everyone’s tastebuds tingle.

Yeo Dorothy Papauran
Evergreen Secondary School

“I’ve always been interested in IT and hope to continue pursuing my interest even after graduating. I hope to be able to get into an IT-related course.”

Business Idea: Maskmellow

About Maskmellow

With the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, the use of a face mask is considered mandatory. This has resulted in a surge in the sales of masks all around the world. With her talent in calligraphy, Dorothy hopes to ride on the existing mask trend to set up ‘Maskmellow’, a vending machine that sells custom made masks. She believes that masks need not only act as protective gears, they can also become a fashion statement.

Muhammad Danial Bin Rosli
Evergreen Secondary School

“I’ve always been interested in filming and I hope that after graduating, I’m able to get into a filming course.”

Business Idea: EditExpress

About EditExpress

In this day and age, everyone is able to easily edit and produce stunning videos. Due to the recent TikTok craze, many have jumped on the bandwagon by creating and editing content. However, editing content on beginner level softwares often comes with limitations. Hence, Muhammad was inspired to create ‘EditExpress’, a website that comes with an editing course and advanced editing software for those who are looking to create professional quality videos without limitations.

Candy Kong
Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

“The NFTE programme taught me to be more open-minded, and to learn to explore ideas outside of my comfort zone.”

Business Idea: Findyourstyle

About Findyourstyle

We’ve all faced the problem of having a bunch of clothes, yet not knowing how to style them. This was when Candy thought of setting up ‘Findyourstyle’, an online service that helps customers mix and match different types of clothings to turn their closet into a style collection. This service aims to create a fuss free experience for customers to find their favorite clothing combos.

Ling Zhe Xuan Nigel
Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

“I was always a soft-spoken person but the NFTE programme taught me to be more confident and to speak up.”

Business Idea: Strictly Sneakers

About Strictly Sneakers

We all have that one dream sneakers that we wish to own. With his love for sneakers, Nigel intends to set up ‘Strictly Sneakers’, a shop that not only sells shoes from big brand names, but it also allows for customisation. This gives people the luxury of designing their own styles, adding their own personalities to the shoes.

Janelle Lau Shi Yun
Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

“I have always experienced bouts of self-doubt but the NFTE programme has helped me a lot in building my confidence.”

Business Idea: ThePetsCafe

About ThePetsCafe

There are so many pets in this world that are in need of good homes. Choosing to adopt instead of purchasing from a shop gives homeless animals a second chance. Hence, Janelle thought of setting up ‘ThePetsCafe’ which is a mixture of a pet shelter and cafe to create a safe space for animal lovers to chill, hang out and to play with pets. Her ultimate goal of setting up ‘ThePetsCafe’ is to eventually get animal lovers to adopt them, and to give these pets a forever home.

Goh Xue Ming Sylvester
Greendale Secondary School

“After graduating, I hope that I’m able to enter an accounting course as I’ve always loved math more than the other subjects.”

Business Idea: Audio Glasses

About Audio Glasses

First world problems do exist. Anyone that has tried to put on both their spectacles and headphones at the same time will experience some level of discomfort. Hence, this inspired Sylvester to create ‘Audio Glasses’, a 2-in-1 product that gives people the best of both worlds: comfortable glasses and wireless headphones all rolled into one without disturbance to one’s vision or music experience.

Hordijk Siow Sina
Greendale Secondary School

“I’ve always been a shy person, but NFTE taught me to be more confident in front of a crowd and it has helped me tremendously in my public speaking and presentation skills.”

Business Idea: Multifunctional Spectacles

About Multifunctional Spectacles

As a firm believer of innovation and practicality, Hordijk hopes to create ‘Multifunctional Spectacles’ that will change the way spectacles are currently being used. With a wide range of features and uses, ‘Multifunctional Spectacles’ will be the go-to eyewear for every user.

Yeo Jia Hui
Greendale Secondary School

“Starting my own business has always been a dream of mine and I hope to be able to achieve that by joining a business and accounting course after graduating!”

Business Idea: Charity For Hope

About Charity For Hope

Helping those who are less fortunate than yourself not only positively impacts the people around you, but it also helps you to grow as a person and to view the world in a different perspective. Jia Hui’s dream is to start ‘Charity For Hope’, a place where people can donate pre-loved items such as unwanted clothes, books or toys. She believes that this is a meaningful way to distribute unwanted but useful items to those in need.

Joel Seow Jun Yu
Holy Innocents’ High School

“I never realised how tedious starting a business was until I joined NFTE. Through this programme, it gave me a whole new perspective.”

Business Idea: Banana Toothbrush

About Banana Toothbrush

Everyone has a part to play when it comes to sustainability. Each and every one of us has to do our part to protect our environment in order to maintain the quality of life for the current generation, and for future generations to come. Hence, Joel intends to work towards that vision by creating ‘Banana Toothbrush’, an eco-friendly alternative that aims to make a positive difference for the environment.

Chia Lee Yang Collin
Holy Innocents’ High School

“Through NFTE, I have learned to be more confident, and I hope to continue learning and growing both in character and attitude.”

Business Idea: The Baller Shoe

About The Baller Shoe

Over the years, shoe trends have evolved from simple footwear to one with a wide array of styles and designs. However, Collin realises a gap in the market for basketball shoes that provides adequate support and durability. Hence, he came up with the business idea of ‘The Baller Shoe’ to sell lightweight basketball shoes with arch and ankle support to offer the best stability and impact protection.a

Eng Yao Yi, Ryan
Holy Innocents’ High School

“The NFTE programme has taught me how to improve my presentation skills and to be more confident while presenting.”

Business Idea: DNE GC

About DNE GC

For most gamers, there is nothing more important than a well refined gaming chair with adequate amount of back support to provide comfort through long gaming sessions. Hence, Ryan was inspired to combine two of his favorites: gaming chairs and massage chairs to create ‘DNE GC’, a business that sells advanced gaming chairs with an added massage technology to ensure that people can level up their game with comfort.

Jeraldine Goh Le Qi
Serangoon Garden Secondary School

“I’ve always loved kids and I hope that I can achieve my dream of becoming a childcare teacher in the future.”

Business Idea: K-Drama Cafe

About K-Drama Cafe

The unstoppable Korean Wave has caused many people to develop an unhealthy obsession with Korean dramas. People often find themselves cooped up at home, sacrificing plans just to binge-watch the latest Korean series. Being a victim of this unhealthy obsession, Jeraldine hopes to set up her own ‘K-drama Cafe’ to create a cozy space where people can gather over a good show, a good meal, and even attend korean workshops together instead of being isolated at home.

Genn Ang Wen Qi
Serangoon Garden Secondary School

“After graduating, I hope to be able to join an early childhood course as I enjoy taking care of kids.”

Business Idea: Resin SG

About Resin SG

Resin creations are beautiful, unique and are inspired by the maker’s own life. Genn hopes to set up ‘Resin SG’, a shop that offers a wide variety of resin keychains, earrings, coasters, necklaces and more. With her eye for creativity, she hopes to be able to share her creations that are handmade with love to people all around the world.

Park Yoonsung
Serangoon Garden Secondary School

“I have a passion for art and I hope that I’m able to join an arts-related course after graduating.”

Business Idea: Mire

About Mire

These days, technology is evolving to more than just screens. It is even changing the way we live. With the rising trend of digital assistants, Yoonsung dreams of creating ‘Mire’, a smart contact lens that could change the way that people interact with the world. He envisions these new contact lenses to offer image capture abilities, as well as translation and navigation capabilities.

Kristine Ng Si Ning
Serangoon Garden Secondary School

“I love art and dance and hope to one day pursue a career in the performing arts!”

Business Idea: KNSN

About KNSN

For most artists, being able to showcase their works is essential. Although such works are typically displayed in a traditional arts gallery, Kristine hopes to set up an alternative space called ‘KNSN’ where people can gain access and roam freely to enjoy the art pieces. She hopes for this space to be a safety net for artists to express themselves.

Ali Supanya Bellianna Putra
Serangoon Garden Secondary School

“I love all things fashion. I hope to be a fashion designer one day and to set up my own boutique!”

Business Idea: Letting Go

About Letting Go

We’ve long lost the art of writing and forgot how therapeutic it can be to pen down our thoughts when words don’t work. With many people facing mental health issues, Ali wishes to create a book called ‘Letting Go’, in hopes to create a safe space for people to jot down their feelings and thoughts. This book is meant to be a special therapy tool designed to help people be heard, feel understood and to see life in a positive light.

Justin Tay Wei Jie
Serangoon Garden Secondary School

“I have a passion for cooking and I hope to pick up culinary skills in the future!”

Business Idea: Vege-Go

About Vege-Go

Singapore is a food paradise with a wide variety of choices for every food lover. However, vegetarians still have it tough as their options are often limited. This inspired Justin to create ‘Vege-Go’, a delivery app specially designed for vegetarians. With extensive menus, vegetarians can now live a vegan lifestyle without worrying about missing out on the best food.

Evan Kai Yang Bin Ismadi
Serangoon Secondary School

“I’m interested in science and hope to join a food science course after I graduate.”

Business Idea: Care Package

About Care Package

No one plans to get sick, but by being proactive to be prepared for the worst is important. Hence, Evan hopes to set up ‘Care Package’, a shop that sells a lifestyle package consisting of energy drinks, supplements, and other healthcare products to ensure that people have whatever they need to stay healthy. He hopes that his business can help others take charge of their health by providing accessible healthcare products.

Raiyan Rusyaidi Bin Roszamany
Serangoon Secondary School

“After graduating, I hope to join an engineering course as it is high in demand.”

Business Idea: Kicktown

About Kicktown

Football fans unite! Due to his immense love for football, Raiyan hopes to create Singapore’s very first football themed amusement park ‘Kicktown’ where visitors have a wide range of entertainment - from football themed roller coaster rides, to football themed obstacle courses and even a centre stage for skilled football performers. He hopes that this business would increase the awareness and engagement of his favourite sport.

Muhammad Shafiq Bin Shamshi
Serangoon Secondary School

“Inspired by my mum, I want to join a nursing course to train up to be a healthcare provider.”

Business Idea: Gamer Guides

About Gamer Guides

Everyone wants to be a pro gamer, but nobody has access to good training and strategy. Hence, Shafiq intends to bridge the gap between international pro gamers and casual gamers by creating his own website called ‘Gamer Guides’. Through this site, Shafiq hopes to provide casual gamers a myriad of options to be mentored under pro gamers in order to improve their gaming skills.

Halal Eunice Madelaine Tanaquin
St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School

“I have always been interested in drawing, therefore I would like to join an architecture course.”

Business Idea: Thermo X

About Thermo X

After reading about people getting heat strokes or hypothermia, Eunice set out to create a jacket called ‘Thermo X’ that adjusts dynamically to the surrounding weather. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, the ‘Thermo X’ aims to be an all-in-one jacket that solves both the issue of hyperthermia and hypothermia, while remaining stylish.

Garlanka Lakshmi Harshitha
St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School

“The NFTE program has taught me to embrace life and to always enjoy what you do.”

Business Idea: Technology On Marine Lives

About Technology On Marine Lives

Having a heart for the environment, Garlanka was inspired to do more to protect the earth. She aims to set up her own business called ‘Technology On Marine Lives’, and create a plastic-eating robot to remove plastics from the oceans. This will eventually create a greener earth and cleaner oceans, reducing the risks of plastic pollution and eliminating threats to marine lives.

Erra Binte Yuhanis
St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School

“I love technology and want to learn more about computers when I graduate.”

Business Idea: Coffee Cycle

About Coffee Cycle

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, with an average of 400 billion cups consumed each year. Erra was inspired by her own love for coffee to create a coffee machine that is sustainable. She hopes for ‘Coffee Cycle’ to be sold at retail outlets, with higher quality but cheaper price tag than existing competitors, all while boasting sustainability with reusable coffee capsules.

Eaint Chan Myae
Unity Secondary School

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion design, arts or business. I hope to be able to start a business of my own in the future.”

Business Idea: Loveholic

About Loveholic

As a young fashionista with a passion for style, Eaint was inspired to start her own business after she chanced upon an interesting image of a patchwork cloth online. She hopes to set up her own shop called ‘Loveholic’ to sell fashionable and stylish wear, made up of pieces of recycled fabric that are sewn together.

Pavilario Cablas Eli Christi
Unity Secondary School

“NFTE taught me to be more structured and organized in how I execute my plans.”

Business Idea: MyCustomBag.com

About MyCustomBag.com 

Realizing that the bags that his classmates own often do not tell the true personality and character of its owner, Pavilario set out to create a custom bag business to enable customers to create an innovative bag that truly exudes their personality. ‘MyCustomBag.com’ provides an easy way for people to customize their bags with high quality.

Chia Yingci
Unity Secondary School

“I used to not know how to present, but after attending the NFTE programme, I learned to be more confident and improved in my presentation skills.”

Business Idea: Plush Plush

About Plush Plush

Handcrafted items are one of the best things to own, as they are original, one of a kind, and valuable. By purchasing a handcrafted item, it represents support for the maker’s talent and creativity. Being a fan of handmade products, Yingci hopes to start ‘Plush Plush’ a business that sells handmade plushies to both children and adults.

Muhammad Hazmi Bin Suhaimi
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

“I have always found entrepreneurship interesting and through NFTE, I was able to learn more about it!”

Business Idea: BySaver

About BySaver

There was a time in Singapore when the pavements were filled with people on e-scooters. However, due to the surge in accidents related to motorised devices, a ban was introduced where PMDs or e-scooters were no longer allowed on footpaths. This inspired Hazmi to start ‘BySaver’, a business that specialises in ensuring the safety of bikes and PMD so that others are able to ride safely.

Nguyen Nhut Anh
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

“The NFTE programme taught me to stay committed to what I set out to do, and to work towards what I believe in without giving up.”

Business Idea: Rockeys

About Rockeys

If you’ve ever gone shopping for an important night out yet not know where to look for luxury branded goods, you’re not alone. That was the same problem that Nguyen faced which got her inspired to start her own business called ‘Rockeys’. She envisions ‘Rockeys’ to be an online store that offers a curated collection of high quality branded goods for those that are on the lookout for the latest season additions.

Sukainah Binte Mohammad Fahrur Razi
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

“I hope to be more open-minded to learning and to further pursue my passion in art!”

Business Idea: Style Parfait

About Style Parfait

On average, consumers discard an average of 60% of their newly purchased clothes within the first year of owning them. Hence, Sukainah was inspired to create ‘Style Parfait’, a solution where consumers have the ability to pick and choose certain clothing that matches their theme of the day, and to rent them directly from key retailers. She hopes that this service would reduce wastage and increase the variety for women’s fashion.

Bryan Tan
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

“The NFTE programme taught me to be proud of my own work, but also to be appreciative of the things around me.”

Business Idea: GPS Water Bottle

About GPS Water Bottle

Sometimes life gets so busy that you lose track of important stuff. It becomes hard to find things when you just can't remember where you put them, and nobody wants to spend precious time looking for things that they’ve misplaced. Hence, this inspired Bryan to kickstart his own business ‘GPS Water Bottle’, to sell bottles with a tracking function to ensure that people would never lose their bottles again.

Sufie Irsyad Bin Zainuri
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

“After graduating, I hope to be able to join a film and design course as I have a passion for film and TV.”

Business Idea: Modern Jewellery

About Modern Jewellery

If you’re looking to find inspirations or seek trends, the first thought that comes to mind would be TikTok. Many business owners have been using TikTok as a platform to market their products creatively. As Sufie was scrolling through her TikTok feed, she came across a jewellery brand that inspired her to start her own ‘Modern Jewellery’ business to sell scented jewellery.

Muhammad Muntaqim Bin Khaleed
Yuhua Secondary School

“The NFTE programme does a great job in increasing my confidence.”

Business Idea: Futbol

About Futbol

Singapore’s weather has been unpredictable, with intermittent showers randomly happening throughout the day. Having dealt with this frustration personally, Muntaqim sought to create his own business ‘Futbol’ to combine both unstudded futsal shoes and studded football field boots to create a 2-in-1 hybrid boots that are compatible be it rain or shine. With just a simple touch of a button, these boots are convertible instantly.

Mohamed Nor Sharizam Bin Muhamed Sharikin
Yuhua Secondary School

“The NFTE programme helped me to overcome my fear of presentations and to become more confident overall.”

Business Idea: Alarm Be Ready

About Alarm Be Ready

One in three bicycling accidents occurs in the cornering phase of an intersection or on the roads. Due to the increase of bicycle accidents, Mohamed wanted to create ‘Alarm Be Ready’, a device with an alert system to notify riders of any potential dangerous situation that they might face. This device can be a helpful reminder to prevent future accidents and to ensure that riders stay alert on the roads.

Cheng Kei Win
Yuhua Secondary School

“I enjoy being fit and hope to join a fitness related course after graduating. My dream is to become a wushu coach!”

Business Idea: Kungfu Cafe

About Kungfu Cafe

Trends are constantly evolving and with the concept of wellness and fitness becoming more popular, many are starting to incorporate fitness routines into their daily lives. With his passion for fitness, Kei Win hopes to set up his own ‘Kungfu Cafe’, a place that offers both food and martial arts lessons. He believes that martial arts is so much more than punching and kicking, it also teaches discipline, focus, and dedication.

NFTE Graduate Mentorship Programme

The NFTE Graduate Mentorship Programme (GMP) is a 6-month youth mentorship specially designed for Secondary 4 NFTE graduates to further develop their character, mindsets, and skillsets. The mentorship serves as a follow-up development platform for NFTE graduates who express a keen desire to learn and grow.