It is important to build 21st Century competencies beyond academic achievements among our youth.
Skills such as critical thinking, analytical thinking and resilience are key in helping them navigate through future endeavours.

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Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE, pronounced as ‘nifty’) is a funded programme designed to activate the entrepreneurial mindset and build business skills in youth from underserved communities. Through the Problem-Based Learning methodology, the youth grow in ownership of learning and gain a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurship content. NFTE’s innovative, hands-on curriculum also allows young people to learn entrepreneurial skills and attitudes through activities such as opportunity recognition and market research.

The NFTE programme culminates in NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (NYEC) where the top 3 students from each NFTE school will be pitching their business ideas to a panel of esteemed judges from various industries.

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Each lesson is coupled with an activity that targets a specific Entrepreneurial Mindset Index™ with the intention to place even more emphasis on building our students’ mindsets.

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The Problem-based Learning Framework is a teaching method in which students are given the opportunity to explore complex, real-world problems to learn concepts and principles, instead of being directly presented with answers, facts and concepts. This encourages students to take charge of their own learning process and the achievement of their goals which will result in a deeper understanding of the content.

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The Lean Canvas Model is widely used to validate and translate ideas and concepts into an actionable and entrepreneur-focused business plan. It allows more flexibility for the students to make changes to their ideas along the way, encouraging them to take more ownership of their business ideas.


+   Cultivate Student Directed Learning
+   Deeper Understanding of Content
+   Increased Growth in Entrepreneurial Mindset
+   Corporate Engagement

Facilitators & Corporate Volunteers come alongside our students to coach them on different units of the NFTE curriculum such as market research, financials, and presentation coaching.

Students hear from business owners and entrepreneurs as they share their challenges and triumphs in their entrepreneurship journey.

Students glimpse into what goes on behind a business by visiting the premises of the business and hearing from business owners on how to create an all-round experience for customers.

Students will pitch their business plans to a panel of esteemed judges in a school-wide competition.

NYEC is a nation-wide business plan pitching competition where the top 3 students from each NFTE school will be pitching their business ideas to a panel of esteemed judges from various industries.


Khea Satore Yap
St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School
NFTE Global Young Entrepreneur 2020

The programme helped me understand my strengths, pursue my interests, and develop my business ideas. I developed skills such as creativity, business ideation, and problem solving. Thinking that my initial idea was too simplistic, I pushed myself to think outside the box and seek ways to make my business idea unique.

Mr. Scott Chew
HOD of Student Management & Guidance
Unity Secondary School
Global Enterprising Educator 2020

After experiencing the NFTE programme, students are able to better overcome problems, increasing their confidence and efficacy. Learning to see things beyond the classroom is a valuable lesson that textbooks don’t offer. This is why I am excited to continue with this programme.

NFTE Graduate Mentorship Programme

The NFTE Graduate Mentorship Programme (GMP) is a 6-month youth mentorship specially designed for Secondary 4 NFTE graduates to further develop their character, mindsets, and skillsets. The mentorship serves as a follow-up development platform for NFTE graduates who express a keen desire to learn and grow.

Other Programmes

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