As part of their integrated philanthropic approach, Salesforce.org has been actively partnering with Halogen Foundation through their 1/1/1 model – 1% Equity, 1% Product, and 1% Employees’ Time – to give back to communities around the world.



In the week-long programme, we create an environment that facilitates mentoring and personal development between the Salesforce employees and the students. Incorporating leadership training and hands-on real- world business experience, participants get a preview of the corporate world and learn the mechanics behind this global enterprise. The programme serves youth from under-resourced and/or low-income communities to gain experience in a high-growth industry and progress training into full-time employment.

Halogen Foundation is also a co-leader of the Salesforce Non-Profit Usergroup, a community of users who come together to share knowledge, challenges, and best practices in using the Salesforce solution. As a recipient of Salesforce non-profit user licences and the Salesforce. org grants, we are able to leverage these tools to improve customer relationship management with our stakeholders, ensuring that they are better informed to partner with us to make a greater impact in the work we do and further our respective non-profit mission and vision for the greater good.

Salesforce.org is also a corporate partner in our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme. Since adopting one of our schools, they have been actively involved and committed to journeying with our students, inviting students to their offices for business visits as well as spending time with them for corporate work sessions. These long-term engagements have created lasting impact with our students and we have seen these students grow in their character, mindsets, and skill sets.

I’ve been teaching low progress learners for more than a decade and I can safely say this – having the support of Salesforce.org volunteers for these NT students is priceless; especially with the experience that they provide. These students do not get many opportunities to interact with working professionals, so these personal mentorships give the students vision not just for these business ideas, but their lives.

Holy Innocents’ High School

I am extremely grateful for the Salesforce BizAcademy programme and the mentors I had, as they helped me define personal goals, gave me advice on my next steps, and taught me practical skills for future employment such as website design, system technology, and more. Until today, I still text one of my mentors for advice! Through this experience, I received a head start on the internships and short-term jobs that I have done during my school holidays. As I come from a humble family, I really treasure this rare opportunity to enhance my personal skills and leadership qualities.

BizAcademy (2017) Student
Republic Polytechnice

Volunteering with Halogen is a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. I get the chance to learn together with the youths about entrepreneurship, such as building innovative business use case to satisfy the demand of goods and services in the modern day life, at the same time I get to improve my mentoring skill too. Thank you Halogen for giving Salesforce.org the opportunity to contribute back to the society.

Solution Engineer

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