Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Lawrence Wong joined us as a guest of honour at the National Young Leaders Fellowship (NYLF) Induction Programme. The programme recognises and develops outstanding youths aged 15 to 19 years old, and provides them with the opportunity to advocate for a cause that they resonate with. In his speech, DPM spoke about how young people should use their influence to motivate others to take positive action. He also advised them to embrace diversity, draw strength from it, and to expand areas with common ground to devise thoughtful and innovative solutions.

In an ever-changing world, DPM stresses on the challenges that this generation of young people will face, as they will be inheriting a world more dangerous and challenging than ever before. However, he encourages youths to remain resilient when facing uncertainties, asserting that their attitude and mindset are key to helping them overcome obstacles.

During the session, a Fellow asked about the issues that young people will potentially tackle in 2040. DPM addressed a range of arising issues such as, global warming, sustainability, ageing population, and social mobility. In his talk, he stressed the importance of preparing Singaporean youths to be able to face the challenges of the future. New leaders will be needed more than ever before, hence, it is crucial that we equip our young people with the necessary skills and mindset to help them succeed.

Another Fellow asked, “Do you have a philosophy that guides you? Has it changed over time?” In response, DPM replied that he believes in the phrase “Leadership starts from within”. In addition, he emphasised the importance of understanding yourself by identifying your true north – the values that will guide you through each stage of your life. He added that everyone’s choices in life are determined by their values. Most people, he said, will rather lay low than to assume responsibilities. However, a leader does not have the luxury of choice and must learn to confront the issue instead of avoiding it. It will be tough to take up the path of leadership, but one must be committed to it in order to succeed.

He also mentioned that young people should refrain from thinking that there will always be someone else to do it. Instead, he hopes that they will adopt a different mindset and step forward to be the next changemakers in Singapore. This is why at Halogen, we believe in providing opportunities and resources to ensure that all youths can become competent, valued, and confident leaders that will positively impact the world.

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