On 10 April 2019, we saw 138 of these young leaders participate in our Leadership Masterclass & Panel Discussion. The Leadership Masterclass & Panel Discussion is designed to equip and enable young leaders through an interactive panel discussion with esteemed industry leaders and a leadership masterclass that dives deep into the art of influence. This year, we explored the notion of leaving a personal legacy and how youths can best capitalise their potential for change

Chief Training Officer, Halogen Foundation Singapore

The Leadership Masterclass was delivered by our Chief Training Officer, Mr. Sean Kong. He shared about the inevitability of change and how influence plays a part in that. Sean gave an introduction of how we can adopt that mindset to influence organisation culture – a manner of gathering key personnel onboard to strive towards a common vision. The Art of Influence, one of our core programme offerings, was also shared to display the importance in winning the hearts and minds of people in higher positions towards a shared aspiration.

Permanent Secretary (Education), Ministry of Education

Singapore Chief Operating Officer, DBS Singapore

Chief Operating Officer, Halogen Foundation Singapore

The panel discussion brought together leaders from three different sectors – the public service, private sector, and non-profit organisations. We were privileged to have Mr. Lai Chung Han, Permanent Secretary (Education), Ministry of Education, Ms. Yeo Wenxian, Singapore Chief Operating Officer, DBS Singapore, and Mr. Timothy Low, Chief Operating Officer, Halogen Foundation Singapore share their insights of being a leader in the sector as well as their on leadership journeys. While the main goal of the discussion was to highlight that leadership was not designated only for the appointed but for every person who inspires to be responsible in leading for positive change, riveting questions from the audience also touched on issues such as how to lead peers and what we can all do collectively to build leadership in young people. Various perspectives on leadership, personal struggles as a leader, and mindsets to overcome challenges were also shared by the panel as they shared stories of their own experiences.

This further reinforces our belief that it is not the formal titles and positions we have that determine the positive impact and influence we can have on others. The understanding of influence sets the foundation for every young person. 


The Leadership Masterclass & Panel Discussion is a part of the National Young Leader Award, that sets out to uncover deserving individuals between the ages of 15 to 19, who can be recognised for their initiative and good work, and are also young every leader that Halogen Foundation can invest in.