National Young Leader Award

The National Young Leader Award complements the Singapore Youth Award (for youths up to 35 years old) by reaching out to a specific age group of young leaders, between 15 and 19 years old. This award was launched to recognise young leaders who are involved, engaged, and have conviction in the things they do, regardless of their academic achievements.

By highlighting the stories of these young leaders, we hope it inspires a generation of young people to also rise up and make that positive contribution in their communities.


The rubric is developed to measure five key domains that we believe young leaders need to act upon.

Involvement: Being active in their immediate communities such as their class, CCA, neighbourhood

Conviction: Acting on issues and passion areas that they believe in

Engagement: Leading their immediate community to be involved in nation or worldwide issues

Self Leadership: Leading oneself well and being a positive influence to those around them

Group Leadership: Working well in teams to achieve common goals


Winner's Privileges


Participation in the Student Leadership Challenge® workshop, as well as the Hoozyu® assessment powered by the Birkman Method® to help young people make informed choices about course, career, and life


Resources to catalyse and incubate their projects to positively impact the community, including a mentorship with an industry practitioner that is well-suited to the winner’s personal interests, convictions, and goals


Full feature video for each winner that will showcase their story and journey to inspire others


Opportunity to take up an internship stint with Halogen Foundation Singapore upon completion of his/her tertiary education

National Young Leader Award 2018

Get to know our NYLA 2018 Finalists!