We often find ourselves learning from the experiences of others, which may spark inspiration or a refreshed perspective on major decisions or challenging situations. As part of a pilot study on the challenges faced by Gen Z, we found out that Singaporean youths often struggle with navigating career pathways and school-to-work transitions.

In response to these needs, the team at Halogen developed ELEMENTS, a conversation-led mentorship programme specially designed for youths aged 17 to 25. As part of the programme, these youths will be matched with mentors from established institutions, companies and our Halogen⁺ community.

We believe that the most important responsibility of being a mentor is to guide and advise mentees by shedding new insights and providing them with assistance on how to achieve the goals they set for themselves. These efforts strive to help youths develop the right mindset, and to equip them with relevant skills that enable them to overcome whatever challenges that may come their way. Prior to the start of the programme, mentors and mentees will undergo training to maximise the learning experience and create a safe space for feedback and guidance. Mentees are also encouraged to take the reins of their mentorship experience by being the main drivers of conversations.

Mentees can look forward to exploring four key components for their development – Personal Discovery, Career Navigation, Skill Set Development, and Early Career Mastery. These conversations serve to equip youths with a better understanding of themselves and their capabilities which would better prepare them for their next season of life. Hear more about the programme from our mentees and mentors below, or simply click here to discover more on what the programme has to offer!

Success stories from our mentees and mentors:

“During our 3rd session, my mentor and I had a discussion about my core values and how my values should guide me when choosing my profession in the future, as well as how I portray myself in my university applications and job interviews.”

– Ashley Isabel Sudjono, Methodist Girls’ School, Mentee of ELEMENTS

“Through this programme, I gained a lot more confidence to step out of my comfort zone and gained clarity in planning for my future studies and career. My mentor also taught me effective interview skills which helped me a lot during my internship interview.”

– Jolene Chew, Year 3 Student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Mentee of ELEMENTS

“When we worked on navigating and understanding what my mentee’s interests were, and how that converges with what she’s good at – it was a lightbulb moment because senior leaders have given me the same advice and I was glad to have passed on the advice to my mentee.”

– Caitlin Bahari, Operations at Stripe, Mentor of ELEMENTS

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being involved in future planning with my mentee. I felt a sense of pride when I saw how she grew to become more confident with the guidance and tips that I gave her. This experience has also helped me to see that my skills could be useful in helping others become a better version of themselves.”

– Sadie-Jane Nunis, Singapore Institute of Management, Mentor of ELEMENTS