Photo by Pang Yuhao on Unsplash

Did you know, you are 1 of more than 50,000 youth who graduate from tertiary institutions (based on SingStat data, numbers, includes Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnics and Universities) annually? This means that there are that many peers, like you, who struggle with navigating this “first job crossroads”.

The process is often an ambiguous and stressful one. Where do you even begin, in making such a major decision that may influence the subsequent career pathways you can take? What happens when you have too little (or too many) options up ahead?

This deck hopes to give you perspective to make the career navigation slightly less daunting.


  • Use your critical thinking to analyse the real landscape of career options
  • Be resourceful to better ideate on options available for your exploration
  • Embrace uncertainty – do not let the fear of the unknown paralyse you

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