NFTE Graduate Mentorship Programme

The NFTE Graduate Mentorship Programme (GMP) is a 6-month mentorship specially designed for Secondary 4 NFTE graduates to further develop their character, mindsets, and skillsets. Each year, the NFTE programme reaches about 500 students at the Secondary 3 level. Shortlisted graduates from each NFTE batch get the chance to participate in a 1:1 mentorship to further develop themselves, with the guidance of an adult volunteer.

What students can get out of the NFTE GMP:


Learn to be self-directed learners


Identify and achieve personal development and growth, and map out a career vision 


Foster higher levels of engagement


Enhance Entrepreneurial mindset and confidence


  • Attend and complete the Mentor/Mentee’s training and briefing conducted by Halogen Foundation.
  • 6 mentoring sessions from March to August 2023 (including 1 kick-off session)
    • The first and final session is a compulsory face-to-face meeting unless the prevailing public health guidelines advise otherwise.
  • The Mentor-Mentee meet-ups will take place once every 3-4 weeks  
  • The Mentor-Mentee pairing will be 1 Mentor to 2 Mentees or 1 Mentor to 1 Mentee
  • The sessions may be held at the Halogen office or via Zoom
  • Committed to 1.5 hours on a weekday late afternoon (after 2 pm). This is based on the availability of Mentors/Mentees.

Eligibility for

  • Completed the NFTE programme in 2022
  • Hungry to learn beyond their academic exposure 
  • Expressed an interest in self-development and keen to be supported by an adult role model

Eligibility for

  • Have volunteered with the NFTE programme before.
  • Have prior experience of working with youth and ideally some mentoring experience.
  • Able to relate, break down concepts and share own experiences. 
  • Preferably fluent in English as a main medium of communication. A bonus if you are also fluent in a Mother Tongue/ second local language.
  • Strong listening and communication skills.  
  • Respectful of differences such as economic backgrounds, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and gender.

Ishk Tolaram Scholarship

In line with the NFTE GMP, Halogen Foundation is also collaborating with the Ishk Tolaram Foundation to administer The Ishk Tolaram Scholarship which supports shortlisted NFTE GMP mentees with a monthly educational scholarship to alleviate their households’ financial needs. 

Interested applicants for this scholarship must be a mentee under the NFTE GMP.

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