National Young Leaders’ Day is a nationwide youth conference featuring luminary speakers and leaders in business, social change, entertainment, and technology fields to inspire youth. Through a curated line up of stories and workshops, we aim to inspire young people to take their first step towards success, regardless of position or status.

Since its first run in 2003, NYLD is a nation-wide conference targeted at young people within the age bracket of 15-19 years old. We believe it is in this critical life stage that youths begin navigating through an ever-changing society, in which they hope to find their place. Through a wide range of curated stories and workshops, we hope to help these young leaders and entrepreneurs take their first baby step towards success.



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Celebrating Breakthroughs


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NYLD 2014
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“I’ve been empowered to lead my schoolmates by serving them with conviction and compassion. Through the speakers, I’ve learnt how critical it is to have moral courage in the way I lead. It is important to do what is right, not just what is popular.”

– Marie Ann WongSingapore Chinese Girls’ School

“Unlike the many other talks I’ve given, NYLD was unique because it consisted of an audience from different age groups and academic journeys. I constantly remind myself that the purpose of this is always to add strength to others, and never for fame.”

– David Hoe, NYLD 2014 Speaker

“I learnt from my time at NYLD that no matter what your background is or how many times you fail, it is always possible to succeed and overcome difficulties. All we really need is perseverance and support from others.”

– Kay Sandy, School of Science and Technology