Halogen Logo 2014 (Full Colour)


Invenio, the Latin word for “I discover” or “I find” speaks of one’s personal journey of exploration and self-discovery. A journey that all youth undergo to uncover and unlock the potential within themselves

This special collaboration between Halogen Foundation Singapore and Typographic Apparel, seeks to raise funds for Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE, pronounced as “nifty”) programme where youth from underprivileged and/or challenging backgrounds get to kickstart their personal journey of self-discovery through entrepreneurship and leadership development.


Whenever life takes a toll on us, we fail to appreciate beauty at its peak. The beautiful skylines and the amazing infrastructure Singapore possesses always puts a smile on my face.

As I put down my brush to paint something inspired by our little red dot, I took some time to think about how vibrant the country is and blended a capsule of lively colours to reflect my admiration and awe for the landscapes in Singapore.

Do we truly look up to see the burst of colours during sunsets? It is a painting that will inspire and remind us to count our blessings and to always see the best in everything.


The backdrop of the design shows on the left, the rich and affluent; and on the right, images of what we believe should be basic provisions for every child – having an education represented through a school uniform.

These illustrations are headless and faceless, signifying that both are essentially one and the same human on the same landscape.

The interlocking hands represent unity and people coming together instead of segregation, mirroring the efforts of this project to bring help to those in need.


Invenio, the Latin word for “I discover” or “I find” speaks of one’s personal journey of exploration and self-discovery. A journey that all youth will undergo.

With the right guidance and support, these youth will uncover and unlock the potential within themselves and be empowered to overcome life’s challenges.


Instead of designing quotes by playing around with fonts, Yuhui has always liked the idea of writing as it gives a more personal feel.

Yuhui chooses this quote as she liked the way it explains how we know ourselves based on our experiences, beliefs and values. But yet we will never grasp on what the future holds.

What excites her the most are the dreams, visions and hopes for the future, the uncertainties and how it moulds us into who we’ll be in the future. Learning to let go of what we are comfortable with and embracing the openness of what the future brings.


With discovery as a theme, I wanted a simple and quirky doodle-type image to encapsulate the various ways we discover and explore.

The little symbols represent the things that I often find myself immersed in, whether in thought, projects or dreams. Life is an endless path of discovery and these are just a few I’ve decided to note down.

Albeit being just symbols, I believe one or some of the lot will stand out to people, more than the others, and spark a chain of thoughts that might eventually lead to a new project or discovery.


Originally commissioned as a poster for Halogen Foundation Singapore’s National Young Leader’s Day 2015, this work was originally drawn by hand, then painstakingly digitised to create a custom typographic design.

The quote chosen based on Halogen’s theme of changing mindsets is a great reminder that the things we tell ourselves are incredibly important. It holds personal meaning for the artist, who struggled with failure and the local education system as a teen.

His slow journey to regain confidence taught him to see things in a different light, and that while we sometimes may not be able to change a situation, we can certainly change how we think about it!


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This theme is one that resonates deeply for Halogen Foundation Singapore and Xavier Tan Jiang Hoe (CEO, Typographic Apparel). For Xavier, his entrepreneurship journey was sparked as a student under the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE, pronounced as “nifty”) programme ran by Halogen Foundation Singapore in 2015.

He was amongst the pioneer batch of graduates for the NFTE programme and became Singapore’s first NFTE representative at the 2015 NFTE Global Showcase held in New York, USA.