Human Resource Executive
Former Student Volunteer

What does influence mean to you?

To me, influence is a subtle yet convincing notion, ideology or behaviour that people unknowingly pick up along the way. It can be due to a novel experience shared or even being inspired by a compelling message/speech.

What are some memories/experiences of influence being exercised in your life? (If possible, do link it to an experience with Halogen Foundation)

My initial interaction with some of the folks from Halogen was a novel experience for an 18-year-old me. Despite their diverse personalities and background, their strong shared values could be seen and felt through their speech, actions and, thought processes. During my internship with them, I discovered that genuine passion is a strong sustenance and motivator in life. The people at Halogen put their hearts and souls into every initiative and project with such zeal and desire to enable and inspire youths to do better and be better. This exposure has helped me to discover my own passion in life and caused me to reassess my priorities and how I can live life fulfilled.

How has your time with Halogen impacted the way you exercise influence in your everyday life?

I continued to volunteer as a trainer/facilitator during my university days. During these sessions, I learnt so much from the material, as well as through the student’s interactions. It was a constant reflection of my time in secondary school. As I am facilitating in the classroom, I become more aware of the things I say and do and how these actions can and will influence these young minds. I began making changes to my every life by first being more responsible and accountable for my actions and more decisive with my choices. These are things that I can still practice all through my university stage and into adulthood. Now as I work, I am able to practice what I preach and maintain a strong sense of integrity in what I do.

In your personal view, what is the potential of influence?

Influence itself is neutral, and very much dependent on the person who is influencing or being influenced, to define it as positive or negative. There is no specific age nor authority required to exert influence and the effects of it causes a ripple effect in the long run. In short, influence is a very powerful tool with long lasting effects. When done right (and positively), you can literally see your ‘influence’ pay-it-forward and eventually create a like-minded ecosystem.