NUS Business School Student
National Young Leader Award 2016 Finalist

What does influence mean to you?

Influence is about seeding change. To ensure long-lasting change, one must tackle the shift from within, starting with a person’s character. It’s starts with being diligent in sowing the seed with every opportunity we have before us and if we’re fortunate enough, we get the privilege of seeing the fruit of our labour. Influence is that active choice we can and should make to better the lives of those around us. While we often do not witness the impact of change immediately, we can be assured that no matter how small, it adds to a person’s eventual growth.

What are some memories/experiences of influence being exercised in your life? (If possible, do link it to an experience with Halogen Foundation)

My time with Halogen Foundation has really taught me that everyone has their own inspirational stories. This changed the lens I viewed people with, seeing them as individuals with stories to tell. Now, I make the effort to learn more about those around me and find out what their stories are. Sometimes, in getting people to share their stories, they discover things they did not realise and in turn, both parties feel refreshed and inspired from the conversation. I always like to conclude our conversations with the question, “What will you do with your story and ability to influence?” Essentially, if we considered the magnitude of the influence we have when exercised, we might think twice about how we’re exercising it and want to use it to inspire others to create positive change in other people’s lives.

In your personal view, what is the potential of influence?

Influence is a power that is dormant within most people. We need to understand that regardless of how big or small we think our influence is, it is a power that lies within us and can create a never-ending ripple effect of change in our spheres of influence. However, the choice to exercise that influence lies with us. We have to choose to unleash this potential within us and seed change in through our everyday actions.