In partnership with Tan Chong International Limited (TCIL), Halogen Foundation designed and ran a 1-on-1 mentorship programme for students graduating from tertiary institutions. The mentors from TCIL were from different departments and companies within the group, matched with the mentees’ aptitude and preferences. 

Over the course of six months, the mentors gave advice and lent a listening ear; from how to manage conflict in their schools, to how to cope with stress and focus on priorities. They also provided fresh perspectives, shared their challenges and victories, and created a safe space for our youths to build upon their life lessons.

One mentor recounted, “It was also nice to look back on my own journey, from school or growing up to the career that I have now. It helped me appreciate things that I used to discount myself on, that actually these small achievements have made me who I am and has helped me give her the advice that I have.” 


“From my mentor I learnt the importance of taking initiative, be it in a career or personal life. To actively reach out to people, to network, to gain new experiences,” shared a mentee.

To celebrate the end of the six-month programme, TCIL offered internships to 70% of the cohort, including opportunities in the automotive and hospitality industries and in corporate roles for departments like Human Resource. It was certainly a meaningful experience, for both mentors and mentees alike.