alexandra tan

Having first encountered Halogen through the National Young Women Leaders’ Day (NYWLD) 2009, Alexandra Tan was inspired to effect change by being a part of NYWLD 2011, where she supported the organising team in helping the event to run smoothly.

Hi, I’m Alexandra! I got to know about Halogen as a participant at National Young Women Leaders’ Day (NYWLD) 2009, and remember being blown away by the inspirational speakers. I felt very lucky that Halogen and these speakers believed strongly enough in empowering young leaders to come together for the day’s event to share their stories with us.

What was one of the highlights of your NYWLD experience?

A highlight was getting the chance to shadow the organising team at National Young Women Leaders’ Day 2011. I was tasked to support the backstage crew to ensure that the programme ran smoothly and on schedule. It was my first time working with “adults” outside of a school setting. It was an empowering experience getting to work with adults who welcomed us into the team, and being entrusted with small tasks to keep the programme moving.

How did NYWLD transform your perspective on women in leadership, and how have you carried that into your life today?

The kindness of the 2011 National Young Women Leaders’ Day organising team left a lasting impression on me. It showed me that the warmth and patience of a leader can go a long way in inspiring others to be confident, valued and motivated. I appreciated that especially as a young student, and it is something I try to emulate in and out of work, especially when I meet people younger than I am.