This lesson package is a part of our COVID-19 Educational Resource Series.

Image Source: Today Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated rapidly, infecting and taking many lives. People are being quarantined, hospitals are prioritising admission & treatment of patients and countries are closing borders and restricting citizen’s movement – with the intent to reduce its spread and impact on all aspects of society.

Yet, not everyone is taking COVID-19 seriously. Worldwide, we see people breaching quarantine/ lockdown orders, people still travelling and gathering in large groups. On social media, irresponsible messages and acts of mischief are also going viral, generating more fear and confusion. COVID-19 is causing serious disruption at all levels of society, from personal lives to global networks. How can we exercise personal responsibility over the precautionary measures and the messages we put out for those in our networks?


  • COVID-19 is a serious issue.
  • See the impact of our words and actions – when we trivialise matters, it might be insensitive, inappropriate. As a result, we influence others to trivialise it too, undoing the disease control interventions taken nationwide and worldwide.
  • Take personal responsibility over our own social distancing/health and over the messages we spread to others.
Lesson package includes:

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