This lesson package is a part of our COVID-19 Educational Resource Series.

Image Source: SCMP - This Week In Asia

The COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying public health measures has caused immense disruptions to the daily lives of people worldwide, affecting economic, social, familial and personal lives. Even so, there are certain communities of people who are harder hit than others.

For those of us who have managed to cope well in today’s climate and are able to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones, how can we start looking out for those around us – to support them in navigating through this crisis, to be a source of emotional and social support, to tangibly provide the necessary support? All these so that we do not forget those who need help so that we can get through this pandemic together.


  • COVID-19 has a widespread impact on society, economy, livelihoods, and families.
  • Explore the impact of COVID-19 and its accompanying public measures on the various groups of people in Singapore.
  • Look for opportunities to look out for one another, and if we can, to offer help and support to those around us. 
Lesson package includes:

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