This lesson package is a part of our COVID-19 Educational Resource Series.

Image Source: ST Photo - Kua Chee Siong

With more than 90% of COVID-19 cases in Singapore being linked to low-wage migrant workers living in dormitories, the pandemic has forced us to re-examine our attitudes and responsibility towards these migrant workers who labour on our island with us and for us.

Our mindsets, perceptions, and attitudes towards them have started to shift even as we, as a society, realise our collective lapse in caring for this marginalised group.

However, as Circuit Breaker ends and the search for a new norm begins, will we return to casting the same social stigma on them? How can we play our part as individuals in treating them with respect and assimilating them into our community?


  • Recognise that migrant workers play a vital role in our nation
  • Understand the importance of social inclusion of migrant workers into our society
  • Uncover our prejudice against them and be able to question the assumptions made
Lesson package includes:

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