Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

A CV is often seen as the “passport” for your access to job applications. As hiring processes become immensely digitally enabled, this brings both opportunity and challenge. While job applicants will find it much easier to apply for roles, recruiters will receive a larger volume of applications per job opening. How can your CV stand out through the clutter?

There is much value and uniqueness in each person’s growth journey, to make the CV a very unique ‘fingerprint’ that will make an exciting resume to read.

This deck hopes to give you perspective on building your CV, and leveraging it as a powerful tool for your personal sense-making, visioning, and designing of your career journey. 


  • Understanding CVs from the lens of the recruiter to sharpen how you build your resume
  • Learn to develop your portfolio from the lens of building a skills journey map and building personal brands
  • Build discipline in maintaining current and relevant CVs for your career journey

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