(Powered by The Birkman Method)®️

In recent years, we have seen a surge in different online tests popping up promising to help us understand ourselves better. Whether they were personality tests or quizzes that tell us which Harry Potter house we should be sorted to, there is a desire within us to understand ourselves better.

A part of our success in life depends on how well we understand ourselves and those we interact with regardless of personal or professional settings. hoozyu®️ profiles a person’s motivations by providing an in-depth assessment of your unique interests, usual behaviour, needs and stress reactions. These give insight to the environmental and social factors that help a young person predict positive or negative engagement and behaviours in work or social settings.

hoozyu®️ is powered by The Birkman Method®️, a scientifically developed and multi-dimensional assessment backed by more than 60 years of research and empirical results. As an online self-explanatory and self-service platform, hoozyu®️ allows users to directly access their reports, along with personalised recommendations based on their profiles. Our trainers are then able to debrief the profiles with the students, offering deeper insights into team dynamics, leadership, careers and academics.

hoozyu®️ Personal Profile

What Does hoozyu®️ Measure?

Effective behavioural styles for tasks and relationships

Internal perceptions and expectations for how tasks and relationships should be governed

Ineffective behavioural styles when needs go unmet

Vocational and avocational preferences

Identifies relevant job families and occupation titles

Approach to managing tasks and people

The work environment that provides the best support and fit

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