Don’t know where to start on the National Young Leader Award Application?
Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you along!

Who can apply for this award?

Anyone between the ages of 15 to 19 years old as of application year

What kind of leaders are you looking for?

We nurture and recognise young leaders who excel at one (or more) of these leadership traits:


Bringing positive change to the community through active participation


Mobilising others to catalyse positive impact


Acting with purpose on issues and passion areas that they care strongly about


Being a positive influence by upholding values through their actions

Team Leadership

Rallying people together to overcome a challenge

How many winners will there be?

There will be 5 winners each year for the National Young Leader Award.

How are the winners selected?

Winners are selected based on the scores accumulated from each stage of the award.

> Applicants will submit an application form and a 1-minute video.

> All applicants will be eligible for a seat to the exclusive Leadership Masterclass.

> Shortlisted applicants will be scheduled for their 1st round interview with a panel comprising of Halogen Foundation senior management.

> Selected applicants undergo a series of tests of their leadership competency and aptitude through a day of games and challenging situations.

>  A video feature filmed of each finalist’s leadership story.

>  Video features will be made public for voting, which forms a component of the total score.

>  Finalists go through a 2nd interview with a panel comprising of established leaders from various industries.

Is there a limited number of applications per institution/ organisation?

No! So long as you think they are young leaders that should be acknowledged for their beliefs!

What is required in an application for NYLA?

Each applicant will have to submit an application form found on halogen.sg/nyla and submit a 1-minute user-generated video via OneDrive.

What is a user-generated video?

It is simply a self-produced video.

Step 1: Set up your recording device. (It could even be your mobile phone.)
Step 2: Make sure your environment is quiet so that your device can pick up what you’re saying.
Step 3: Start Recording!
Step 4: Satisfied with your video? Complete your video submissions by uploading your video via OneDrive!

Does the video need to be of very good quality?

Don’t worry! We’re not looking for the best quality of video but rather we want to hear your ability in expressing what leadership means to you. This means the audio quality is important!

What happens after submitting my application?

Firstly, you have the chance to participate in our Leadership Masterclass. Following that, you will receive a confirmation email as to whether you have cleared the first round of screening.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]. ALL THE BEST!


Recognising young leaders between 15 to 19 years old. Applications for 2021 are now open!