Halogen Mentoring Programme

The power of belief sown from one generation to the next provides a foundation for them to rise up and take charge of what their future might look like for the years to come.

We believe that success can be maximised through three key elements.

By offering a structured mentorship programme, we want to enable more working adults from the private sector to provide perspective, share their challenges and victories, and create a space for youths to build upon their life lessons.


By equipping mentors and mentees with the right handles of how to engage and relate to each other ensures that both parties are well-prepared to invest their time meaningfully.


By providing a progression pathway, topics across personal and professional focuses, and suggested activities, mentors and mentees can go deeper in their conversation and tailor their journey together in a more unique manner.


By setting goals and providing pre and post programme measurements, mentors and mentees are able to have a clearer understanding of the development of mindsets and skillsets through the course of time spent together.



We provide programme support in these four areas throughout the entire mentorship journey to allow our partners to have an ease of experience and focus their efforts on the mentorship journey.


We will conduct training for mentors and mentees, enabling both parties to maximise the experience, manage expectations, and clarify doubts. We will also have intentional matching based on:

  • Expressed career interests from the mentee’s and a mentor’s relevant field of work
  • Personal interests of both mentors and mentees
  • Choice of mentorship ratio by corporate partner (1-to-1/group)

We will supply relevant guidance, programme support, and coordination support to partners throughout the duration of the mentorship journey. We also helm the impact measurement administration and analysis for our partners.


We will provide a detailed mentoring guide for mentors and mentees that serves as a conversation scaffold for powerful mentoring moments. With it, mentors will have tips and instructions to facilitate conversations, thus setting them up to be a proficient and effective mentor. We will also provide a Habitudes® book to address personal growth and soft skills.


We will furnish programme reports that evaluates the effectiveness of mentors and the impact with mentees and insights allows our partners to follow up after the conclusion of the mentorship programme.

There’s strength and power when we come alongside our young people to provide perspective, share our challenges and victories, and create a space for them to build upon our life lessons. By offering a structured mentorship programme, we want to encourage more working adults to invest in the next generation and a legacy.

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