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Posted 4 months ago

To inspire and influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well.


Job Opening: Senior Human Resource Executive

Are you looking for a fulfilling job that provides opportunities for you to make a real difference to the community and youth through meaningful work? Are you looking for a place of work that promotes a culture of growth and development, while having fun? We are looking for Senior Human Resource Executive to join our growing full-time team.

Halogen Foundation aims to inspire and influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well, and we take that mission seriously with our staff as well. Being a youth development organisation, we work with the youthful vibrancy of our stakeholders and students, ensuring that while we do the social good of building young leaders and entrepreneurs, we also do the personal good of building a staff team that is enabled to do their best work.

As a Senior Human Resource Executive, you will be responsible for our talent acquisition, engagement and development efforts, and play an integral role in driving organisation culture and welfare for the staff team. You will in charge of ensuring strong and robust execution of HR processes and practices, and support the staff team in their growth journey in the organisation. You will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.




  • Support the CEO’s office in the strategic organisation-wide HR planning – including the development of Talent Acquisition, Talent Engagement and Talent Development strategies for the organisation
  • Drive all aspects of Human Resource Policy and Administration, as well as the implementation of the Talent strategies deployed by the organisation
  • Drive learning and development conversations alongside staff team members and supports them in the management of workplace challenges
  • Develop employee engagement surveys, analyse data collected and implement initiatives to enhance employees’ engagement levels and well-being


A typical week at work involves

  • Researching on external landscape and recommending improvements in the organisation’s HR practices and offerings to the management/CEO
  • Designing developmental roadmaps for the staff team and organising trainings for staff development
  • Drive staff welfare through bonding events, retreats, and other welfare initiatives
  • Meeting staff members on 1:1s to check in on individual progress and welfare
  • Reviewing and revising HR manuals and handbooks to be kept up-to-date with latest developments and best practices for full timers, contract staff and interns
  • Administering core HR functions such as monthly payroll processing, leave applications, maintenance of staff data, HR compliance submissions, etc.


What You’ll Achieve

By the end of your first month,

  • You would have a good understanding of the ins-and-outs of the charity organisation, social service sector, and our current state of HR & Talent framework
  • You would have established a basic understanding and relationship with staff team members and their respective job scopes and roles
  • You would have a clear view on what you would like to achieve for the organisation in the short- and long-term

By the end of your sixth month,

  • You would be the first port-of-call for all things related to Human Resource Administration and Policy for the organisation
  • You would have established a clear talent acquisition, engagement, and development strategy that is actively deployed and adhered to
  • You would have developed insight into specific developmental roadmaps for the staff team members, and have clarity on the pathways of growth required for each individual team member

By the end of your first year,

  • You would hold an expert understanding the organisation’s talent strategy and needs, and be able to proactively chart the areas of growth required for the organisation to scale and grow to greater heights
  • You would be an effective manager and coach to the staff team members, to support them in their growth journey in their careers
  • You would have helped the organisation gain stronger internal and external branding as a hirer – employee engagement scores (internal) and build presence for Halogen Foundation as a company of choice for job applicants (external)


What You’ll Get

  • A competitive package that includes healthcare, welfare, insurance, and travel allowances
  • Annual leave of 14 days, and utility of flexi-work and telecommuting schemes
  • You will have the opportunity to make a substantial impact on the youth development scene in the region
  • You will build a portfolio for building and running key human capital building initiatives in an organisation that takes pride in our culture and people development efforts
  • You will interface regularly with the CEO, CTO, and other managers as you work with each department on their day-to-day
  • There will be regular 1:1 sessions that explore your work, discuss your future options, and open up new opportunities for your career and development
  • You will have a chance to explore other competencies such as training & development, event management, and impact measurement



  • At least 2-4 years of experience in similar roles
  • Experience in the social service sector and/or basic understanding of local statutory requirements preferred
  • Experience in managing or coaching teams is a plus
  • Passionate about growing people, cultivating learning and development mindsets, and building positive workplace culture
  • Enjoy a fast-paced working and learning environment
  • Meticulous and detail-oriented in work
  • Calm and stable personality, able to handle stressful situations
  • Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills across various levels of stakeholders


How To Apply

  • Submit your resume and cover letter in the form below
  • Your cover letter should not be more than 500 words long and should include the following:

    1. Why you are interested in working at Halogen Foundation
    2. Why you are a good fit for this role
    3. What excites you about youth development
    4. The answer to this question: “In your opinion, based on what you know about Halogen’s work, what are the elements of building strong organisation culture that you think are important for us to focus on”
  • If you were referred by a staff of Halogen Foundation, please leave their name in your application

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