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Join us as an Impact & Development Executive!


Are you looking for a fulfilling job that provides opportunities for you to make a real difference to the community and youth through meaningful work? Are you looking for a place of work that promotes a culture of growth and development, while having fun? We are looking for an Impact & Development Executive to join us in 2023 as we celebrate 20 years of working with the community and youth.

Halogen Foundation aims to inspire and influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well, and we take that mission seriously with our staff as well. Being a youth development organization, we work with the youthful vibrancy of our stakeholders and students, ensuring that while we do the social good of building young leaders and entrepreneurs, we also do the personal good of building a staff team that is enabled to do their best work.

As an Impact & Development Executive, you will be responsible for our curriculum development within our Impact & Development team. Candidates are expected to have a strong background in building learning and development, with experience in delivering and developing content for both youths and adults. WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) would be a plus for this role. You will report directly to the Chief Growth Officer.




  • Oversee the writing and development of new programmes and curriculum for youths.
  • Lead training workshops directly in schools and in Halogen training facilities, for the youth that we serve.
  • Review and update existing programmes, including customisation work ensuring they are current and relevant to the needs of the young people we work with.
  • Staying up to date on trends and missing gaps in the youth development sector, ensuring clear learning outcomes for programmes.
  • Project manage cross-departmental taskforces to create innovative programmes that are in line with Halogen’s vision, yet useful for audiences that we work with, both youth and adults.
  • Ensuring Impact & Development projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meeting our highquality standards.


A typical week at work involves

  • Manage projects within the organisation relating to curriculum, overseeing the writing and development of curriculum for both youth and adult audiences.
  • Researching and analyzing youth patterns to produce more pertinent lesson plans for Halogen’s programmes.
  • Coordinating and working across teams to gather feedback and inputs from colleagues to put together a new curriculum in line with the organisation vision.
  • Equipping staff in Halogen with the necessary knowledge to deliver the content that you developed.
  • Meetings and stand-ups with your department, where you may gather updates and define strategic directions.
  • Improving and developing the curriculum content for Halogen’s programs in response to comments and research data.


What You’ll Achieve

By the end of your first month,

  • You would have a good understanding of the ins-and-outs of the charity organisation, social service sector, and the training & development programmes that we deliver.
  • You would have established a basic understanding and relationship with staff team members and their respective job scopes and roles.
  • You would have a clear view on what you would like to achieve for the organisation in the short- and long-term.

By the end of your sixth month,

  • You would be one of the key personnel able to lead Halogen’s programmes to a high degree of expertise.
  • You would have a clear game plan for our curriculum development strategy, aligning that to a vision of what we hope to achieve as an organisation.
  • You would have built strong foundations for crossdepartment collaboration, learning from staff members in the Solutions and Academy function and having them know yours.

By the end of your first year,

  • You would be the inhouse expert on all things related to curriculum development, character education pedagogy, and youth development.
  • You would be a role model in the youth development space, setting a good example to all youths everywhere for how they can be an excellent practitioner in this area.
  • You would have helped the organisation gain stronger internal and external branding as a youth development hub internal with our interns, facilitators, and volunteers; external with potential facilitators and volunteers, school teachers, and corporate funders.


What You’ll Get

  • A competitive package that includes healthcare, welfare, insurance, and travel allowances
  • Annual leave of 14 days, and utility of flexiwork and telecommuting schemes
  • You will have the opportunity to make a substantial impact on the youth development scene in the region.
  • You will build a portfolio in deploying and, alongside opportunities for selfdevelopment in an organisation that takes pride in our culture and people development efforts.
  • You will interface regularly with the CEO, COO, CGO, and other managers as you work with each department on their daytoday.
  • There will be regular 1:1 sessions that explore your work, discuss your future options, and open new opportunities for your career and development.
  • You will have a chance to explore other competencies within the space of learning and development, while understanding the inandouts of operating within a social service space.


  • At least 2-3 years of experience/ formal training working with youths, as a facilitator, particularly within the education context.
  • Strong proficiency in digital learning tools such as Kahoot! and Padlet.
  • Experienced in facilitation and training. Knowledge of how to train the trainer would be preferred.
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability, alongside strong communication and collaboration skills to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Enjoy a fast-paced working environment, and passionate about creating impact in the social sector, and youth development.
  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) would be a plus.


How To Apply

  • Submit your resume and form responses below.
  • If you were referred by a staff or board member of Halogen Foundation, please leave their name in your application.


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