Leadership Development Consultant
Halogen Staff

What does influence mean to you?

Influence is the ability to make a difference to someone’s thought processes, behaviours and actions

What are some memories/experiences of influence being exercised in your life? (If possible, do link it to an experience with Halogen Foundation)

  • The importance of honouring time and being punctual when heading off for training/meeting with teachers/corporates/etc
  • Times when I can convince colleagues to eat lunch or Macdonald’s with me
  • The opportunity to work with various interns, sharing with them life experiences and seeing them change their mindsets for the better due to the sharing and conversations.
  • Giving my opinions in office arrangements during the office move and seeing it being carried out effectively
  • Sharing my thought processes during meetings and discussions and seeing how it makes an impact on the final decision and direction

How has your time with Halogen impacted the way you exercise influence in your everyday life?

Halogen has given me lots of room and space to grow as an individual and as part of the big picture. The absence of micromanagement (It is a good thing) allow me to grow and value add to the organisation. Halogen also provide lots of personal growth opportunity which increases my self awareness and thus allow me to further influence others in a positive and constructive manner during discussions and decision making time.

In your personal view, what is the potential of influence?

Influence is really powerful if used in the right manner. As Uncle Ben from Spiderman says: With great power comes great responsibility, and influence = power = responsibility. Influence can essentially shape our future as it impacts our thought processes, decision making skills and finally our choices. I believe influence is in everyone and it is up to us to make the full use of it either positively or negatively. We do have the option to choose and so I hope we choose wisely.