Managing Director, FoodXervices Inc.
Co-founder of The Food Bank Singapore
NFTE Speaker

Influence can take place at a multitude of levels. Often, we think that you need to be someone ‘big’ in order to create change or influence greater society, but in fact, influence happens on a daily basis in the smallest of ways. A simple gesture, a simple statement, a simple action can make an impact on others. Therefore, never underestimate the influence that you can have on others, especially positive influence.

In the times we live in, everyone has the capacity to be an influencer. This only heightens the importance of realising how powerful influence can be. While we cannot fight the trend, we can instead try to create more positive influences to ensure that the youths of today have more positive role models to look up to. Maybe I am not able to change society as a whole, but what I can certainly do is to make deliberate actions in order to positively impact others, starting with those around me.