24, Institutional Equity Sales Analyst, Goldman Sachs
Former Halogen Intern 2013

What does influence mean to you?

Influence is powerful and the ability to influence is a responsibility. Everyone has the ability to influence in different ways – positive or negative, big or small, consciously or subconsciously. But because influence is powerful, it is also incredibly dangerous when abused, when we don’t use influence responsibly. We need to recognise this ability in us, and take on the responsibility to use influence to make the world a better place.

What are some memories/experience of influence being exercised in your life? (Share a halogen memory if applicable)

I volunteered with Halogen as a leadership trainer for primary and secondary school students. What I came to realise at the end of many volunteering sessions was that while I attempt to impart students with leadership skills, the students never failed to influence us with many precious views and perspectives. I always come out of the classroom feeling that I learnt something new from the students. The interactive Halogen classroom experiences where trainers and students exchange thoughts and mutual influence happens is something I really enjoy.

How has your time with Halogen impacted the way you exercise influence (in your everyday life)?

Halogen impacted the way I view influence. As I became more aware about our ability to influence, I was more conscious in the various decisions I make in life because I now know I have a responsibility to use it properly and positively. I think it is meaningful for organisations like Halogen to help youths gain awareness on the power of influence in their formative ages to help them make better life decisions.