Communications Executive
Halogen Foundation Singapore

What does influence mean to you?

Influence is the something that is not often seen but felt in a very tangible manner. Whether it’s through a word spoken or an action, the effects of influence is often only evident in the eyes of someone who believes.

What are some memories/experiences of influence being exercised in your life? (If possible, do link it to an experience with Halogen Foundation)

Self-doubt has been one of things that often cripple me in life. But through many people sharing their power of belief in me, it has given me the ability to recognise my struggles but turn them into opportunities of victory. Working in Halogen has provided that environment to grow to be a better person everyday even through the littlest things we do.

How has your time with Halogen impacted the way you exercise influence in your everyday life?

With the lack of time in my busy schedule, it’s easy to overlook the small windows of being able to share and shape influence in someone else’s life. Being at Halogen further proven the need to recognise these windows of opportunity and be more intentional in every moment, letting the influence from the inside shape my outward expressions towards people around.

In your personal view, what is the potential of influence?

Influence is like a rudder that steers the ship. The smallest shifts allow you to move toward a different direction. Whether it is a perspective or thought, these are the things that eventually shape our beliefs, moulding our values resulting in our behaviour and actions.