16, Students at Holy Innocents’ High School
NFTE 2017 Graduates

What does influence mean to you?

Delfina (D): Influence is defined in someone that I can look up to. This person is my mother, as I see how she still makes time for the family despite working so hard.

Shaheerah (S): Influence is that positive aspect that makes you want to do the right thing, like how my sister influences me. She balances her life between family and work very well, and inspires me with wanting to find that purpose; what I would get up in the morning for.

How has your interaction with Halogen impacted the way you exercise your influence?

D: Because of the NFTE experience, I now find it easier to take the lead and guide my CCA juniors despite already stepping down this year, and encourage them to take up their roles now as the CCA seniors. Through my interactions, I also have more focus on what I want to do in future, and start planning intentionally on how I can achieve my dream of starting a cafe.

S: I learnt to look at the bright side of life, no matter what I might be going through. There will always be something good in the day, and I look forward to that.

What is the potential of influence?

D: I think it’s the unleashing of confidence.

S: Yes, the confidence to ask the tough questions. Questions that concern the future. When I know I have influence, I am unafraid to approach the hard questions.