Are you one of those who feel intimidated by data analysis?

Caught in the era of technology, many of us might have felt hesitant and perplexed by data analysis software as the numerous functions and the myriad of numbers seem foreign to us. Thankfully, our Intern, Benecia Tang, an ambassador of Tableau a data-analysis software, conducted a personal development workshop on the basics of using Tableau, and broke it down to make the information more digestible to us.

The workshop was conducted virtually by our intern and trainer for the day, Benecia Tang. She utilised zoom tools such as the screen sharing function to explain the Tableau software. Benecia was very approachable and patient. She regularly checked-in with us to ensure that we were on the right track, and would repeat instructions and steps if we were unsure.

Since we were all new to data analysis, Benecia used simple visual illustration such as lego bricks to break down the functions of data analysis, which helped us better understand the process. She also explained the purpose of the different types of graphs, charts etc., and what they were used for, deepening our understanding of their different uses. Additionally, Benecia went through the pre-attentive attributes that people tend to notice first when looking at a graph, allowing us to view the graph from a different perspective.

We were also given real-life scenarios and was tasked to conduct data analysis as a data analyst working in a store. This provided us with an opportunity to apply what we learnt, while presenting opportunities for higher-order critical thinking. We quickly found out that merely conducting data analysis is insufficient. Instead, we need to delve deeper to understand what the data output means, and how these insights can be applied to make changes in the running of store operations.

Through this workshop, we learnt that data analysis may seem complex at first but after several attempts it is a very useful tool for businesses’ decision making. We now feel more confident in conducting data analysis using Tableau in the future!

Thank you, Benecia, for the well-paced Introduction to Tableau!