On 22nd and 29th May 2020, we hosted 2 Halogen+ Community Exclusive Personal Development Workshops run by our corporate volunteers. We saw a total of 50 participants join us for the virtual workshops, ‘Personal Discovery: Build Your Personal Brand!’ and ‘Pivoting: A Lifelong Skill and Art’. These personal development workshops were curated to provide opportunities for our youth volunteers to be able to continually upgrade themselves as well as growing their networks even from their homes during the circuit breaker period.

Personal Discovery: Build Your Personal Brand

The Personal Discovery Workshop was led by our corporate volunteer Mr. Vu Lam, currently a APAC sales Learning Partner from Facebook. Over the course of 2 hours, he shared with the participants how to discover 1) what they stand for, 2) how to stand out from the crowd and, 3) how to live authentically and fulfillingly. He ended the workshop by reminding the participants that while we cannot control what people perceive about ourselves, we can always control our message to others. By having an authentic, consistent and open-minded perception of our values and strengths, we will be able to build a strong Brand DNA that is unique from the others.

Pivoting: a lifelong skill and art

The ‘Pivoting: A Lifelong Skill And Art’ workshop was built by Ms. Chloe Tarbet & Ms. Kelsey Ryan, with the facilitation led by Chloe. Currently, Chloe is part of the Diversity & Recruitment Team at Google while Kelsey a is Lawyer at Supreme Court of Victoria. Change can be a difficult situation having to adapt to, thus the goal of pivoting is to provide an essential skill to to reframe ourselves in the right state of mind. Through the workshop, participants got to understand that ‘pivoting’ is more than just a business buzzword- they are tools that help create roadmaps and canvases that channel inspiration into actions. Chloe ended the workshop by reminding everyone in order to have a perspective shift that best empowers us, we need to 1) identify the helpful beliefs or thoughts that we have, 2) be conscious of our actions taken and 3) to have an open mind.

It is through the support of our corporate volunteers that we are able to continue developing personal development workshops for our youth volunteers. We are excited to continue working with our energetic corporate volunteers who are eager to share their stories and experiences that can inspire youths to create a better tomorrow.

Vu Lam
APAC Sales Learning Partner

Vu started out as a Mentor for our mentorship programme pilot in 2016! An energetic individual with a passion for learning and coaching, Vu also volunteered at our NFTE sessions as a corporate volunteer.

Chloe Tarbet & Kelsey Ryan
Diversity & Recruitment at Google Cloud
Google | Lawyer at Supreme Court of Victoria

Chloe is a brand new member to Halogen+! Chloe learnt about Halogen at a Career Round Table session run at Google and is volunteering her time and expertise for this PDW. Fun fact – she used to run developmental courses for her Alma Mater, and she’s roped in a friend, her co-facilitator, Kelsey, for this session!