In May 2017, Halogen Foundation embarked on a joint project with Secondary School X (XSS) to look into their school-wide Student Leadership framework. XSS wanted to review their existing framework and approach to student leadership development. Halogen Foundation partnered the XSS Vice Principal and three Student Leadership key personnel in scoping the project through three consultative phases (see figure 1). The consultation identified two main gaps. The Leadership Core Team of XSS was then able to come up with a revised leadership framework and school improvement plan to plug these gaps.

*School’s name has been made anonymous to protect the identity of the school.

Six main groups of students leaders were identified, together with the training needs for each respective group. Halogen Foundation designed and delivered customised training and mentoring for each student leader group to support them in their milestone projects (See figure 2). This strengthened student leaders’ performance (see figure 3), and in turn influenced a positive shift towards how student leaders are perceived in the school (see figure 4). The teaching staff also gave positive feedback in seeing improvements pertaining to student leadership (see figure 5). The consultations, accompanied by regular check-ins, concluded in November 2018.

Since then, the school’s Leadership Core Team shared their vision of cultivating a healthy leadership ecosystem and Halogen Foundation has stepped in to provide support in running programmes that supplement their plans.

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