When our traditional fundraising events and efforts got disrupted by Covid-19, there was a real challenge to quickly figure out new channels and models to raise the funds we needed to continue our work and support the cause we believe in. Inspired by local business leaders in our community, we started our own intrapreneurship journey to innovate and experiment with new ways of fundraising. 

As we wrap up the year, we are so happy to share with you our innovative offerings this festive season!


The entrepreneurial mindset does not only apply to corporations and start-ups. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our youth, we constantly learn to adapt and to innovate in what we do. This quarter we are proud to bring to you our very own in-house innovation, the You.th Box project.

With a witty play of words, our latest fundraising initiative You.th has been curated with three themes over three months to mirror the journey of an entrepreneur from the adrenaline you get when ideas start to bubble up, to the moment we begin turning those ideas into reality, and to taking charge and steering the course ahead to see the ideas through. 

What is special about You.th is that it also serves as a platform to showcase the growth of our young people by featuring the work they co-created and collaborated with Halogen in the You.th box. This is our give-back to donors who support us by participating in this initiative. 

You.th Box Episode 1: A Surge of Adrenaline
You.th Box Episode 2: Turning Ideas Into Reality
You.th Box Episode 3: Take Ownership; Steer The Course


#JustOneThing is a fundraising campaign that empowers our partners to plan creative fundraising activities as a Halogen Enabler.

#JustOneThing can take the form of a project, product, mini-event, a giving appeal etc, and can be tailored towards our Enablers’ expertise or interest. In these very different times of Covid-19, we hope #JustOneThing also allows our Enablers to exercise innovation and creativity in fundraising while enlisting your communities to contribute towards the cause of youth development.

Sharon Wong, motherswork’s #JustOneThing
Book Launch: Wo(Mum) – Living My Life as a Warrior, Woman & Mum

Sharon Wong, founder and CEO of motherswork, has been an avid supporter of Halogen’s cause to build young leaders and entrepreneurs. She was one of the Grand Finale judges of the NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge in 2019.

Over the pandemic, while pivoting her business both in Singapore and China, Sharon wrote and published her first book chronicling her journey Living Life as a Warrior, Woman and Mum: Wo(Mum) and pledged the first 5 months of book proceeds to support the work we do.

In her own words,

‘I want to be that woman who is there for other women. I want to be that woman who recognises the needs of other women, and provides a platform to lift them up, so we can all soar higher together – whether their journey is into motherhood or entrepreneurship.’

8M’s #JustOneThing
8M Charity Raffle

8M Charity Raffle has returned for the second year in a row with many more exciting prizes sponsored by their participating 19 community partners. From $10 a raffle ticket for 10 entries to $50 for 90 entries, the participants stand a chance to win one of the 30 amazing prizes including staycations, restaurant vouchers, spin classes, luxury accessories and more!

We are grateful to the generosity of 8M and their community partners. All proceeds will go to support Halogen’s entrepreneurship programmes in 2022.

The Raffle will run from now to 17 December 2021, 12:00PM.

Bynd Artisan’s #JustOneThing
A New Chapter

Under this initiative, we partner with Bynd Artisan to invite 12 influencers to design their own unique notebook with a theme of ‘A New Chapter’ as we wind down the year 2021 and look forward to a brand new year. The invited influencers range from entrepreneurs to young people; from fashion influencers to artists. Each of them has a story to tell and an inspiration to share through the quote they chose and the design they selected. 

What you will hold in your hand is not just a notebook, but an expression of dreams and hopes that represent a world of possibilities and opportunities. Each design is produced with a limited quantity of 30 copies only.

We’re just getting started and we’d be very grateful for your generosity and kind support so that we can continue the work we do in nurturing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.
As a registered IPC charity, we are able to provide 2.5 times tax deduction of the donated value for many of the campaigns above. You can also support us by making a general donation at halogen.sg/donate.

As we get lost in the bright lights of the Christmas season, we don’t want to lose sight of being the light this Christmas too.

This Advent season, we will be running a Halogen Advent Giving Campaign from 1-24 December 2021! Any donation that comes through our doors via the Halogen website or through giving.sg from 1-24 December 2021 will be eligible to win a giveaway prize. Every item in our giveaway pool is worth at least $50, and they vary from our You.th Boxes, to items from our individual #JustOneThing projects, to a seat at our Leadership workshop (worth $1,900), and even to a conversation with our CEO.

Give, share, and BE MERRY!

“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.”
– Ruth Carter Stapleton