During the second day of the National Young Leaders Fellowship Induction Programme, we had the pleasure of hearing from our distinguished panellists on the topic of ‘Leading Young: Beyond Limitations and Expectations.’ Our speakers were Mr. Mock Yi Jun, Co-founder of Advisory Singapore, Ms. Veronica Low, the Founder of ASEAN Business Youth Association, Mr. Nur Hazeem Abdul Nasser, the Founder of The Signpost Project, and Ms. Rachel Han, the Co-founder of Package Pals.

The panellists began the plenary by sharing with the fellows some of their personal experiences and their motivation for starting a business. Despite having limited credentials, Mr. Hazeem shared that it did not deter him from finding solutions to his problems. Ms. Han added that she found it difficult at the start to approach established corporate partners, hence, she decided to focus her efforts on smaller, green e-commerce businesses to build credibility for Package Pals.

Many of the panellists agreed that they had all encountered stumbling blocks in the early stages of building their business. Mr. Mock shared his experience that it was through reminding himself of the startup’s core central purpose that he was able to overcome the difficulties. When faced with setbacks, Ms. Low emphasised the importance of identifying the root cause of the problem and solving them promptly by implementing effective solutions.

Following their sharing, the fellows also discussed their concerns about how to manage a business as they move through different phases of their lives. Mr. Mock assured them that companies can be sustained as long as they find the right team of committed employees. Ms. Han also added that finding a balance and having time management is essential to avoiding burn outs.

The speakers concluded the session by sharing tips and advice to our fellows, such as, ‘Set milestones and celebrate achievements, no matter how small they are.’ and ‘Act small, but think big’. This session certainly provided many takeaways and insights for our fellows!

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